Getting God’s Attention

Recently I had a conversation with some friends and one of them brought up a subject that had been brought up before.  I have not been able to stop thinking about it ever since.  He mentioned how not too long ago he had moved to a new level in his spirituality.  He had gotten to a place where he was able to dialogue with God and the Universe.  This is something I have been talking about doing ever since I wrote my first book “What If My Soul Is Eternal And Heaven Is Everywhere?”  My friend did not like this idea at first but in more recent times tried it and it worked well for him.  The idea is to put a question out to God and your Higher Self and wait for the answer to come.  Expect the answer within 24 hours and then be sure to meditate, repeat your mantra throughout the day and do anything you can to keep your mind in a higher place throughout the day.  This may include listening to or watching material that reminds you of the magic and miracles of God and The Universe.  Then be open and know the answer can come from anywhere or anyone.

As I said, he tried it and it worked well for him for a while and he was very pleasantly surprised, but here lately he felt stuck, like he was not getting any answers and even worse like maybe God could be ignoring him.  I have been exactly where he is and have found there was always something going on, particularly on my end, that was holding up my answers and being in God’s favor so to speak, during such times.  So I have prepared some questions to ask for such a situation.

When asking for help and answers ask, Am I really being open or am I limiting how the help can come and what the true answer to my situation may be?  (be open)

During the challenging situation, am I embracing the challenge and knowing it is leading me to a better place or am I upset by it feeling like this should not be happening? (remember God knows what he or she is doing and try to embrace what is happening knowing when the answer or lesson comes you will be better off.)

Am I remembering that this is about me getting a lesson and asking what is the lesson?  Am I asking what do you want me to do, how do you want me to be?, knowing this will lead me to my happiness or am I just asking for relief? (the idea is to focus on the lesson more than the relief, and ask what is my lesson, how do I need to change my thinking or way of being?)

Finally ask, Am I willing to do God’s will (what ever it is) and remember that this is what the problem at hand is all about moving to where The Universe wants me be? Am I really ready to do that?  (Tell God I am willing to do whatever you want)

If you can do all these things when stuck and looking for help and answers, you will find yourself back in touch with God and The Universe in no time and see God has been talking to you all the time, and now you can actually hear what The Universe has been trying to tell you.  The results will be surprising.

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