Needing Something More

I was watching General Hospital yesterday and something caught my eye.  Two brothers Ethan and Lucky were talking.  Ethan was telling Lucky that he knew he wanted something more besides all that he was blessed with.  Lucky has kids and a woman who loves him, Elizabeth the love of his life.  She also happens to be his ex-wife and mother of his boys.  She wants him back with her and the boys.  Ethan was telling Lucky he can have it all and it is ok to want more.  The “more” that he was referring to was some sort of adventure to be wrapped up in.

I agree we all need something that makes us alive and anxious to get up in the morning.  I woke up thinking about the exchange between the two brothers and all I could think about was being in your proper place.  When we are in the place the Universe wants us to be and truly expressing ourselves according to our nature, there is no time for being bored or feeling like something is missing.  When we are doing this the whole world including our family and loved ones benefit from who we are on account of our being true, and on account of the example that we have set.   Trust me we all need examples of people who are truly alive, and excited about life.  One of the best gifts we can give to the world is to be one of these rare people.

This morning by coincidence I happened to open up to The Parable of The Trees, a story told to me by my teacher Mr. Thomas Ambrister.  I wrote about it in my book Wise Words.  It goes like this.  God Made everything.  The birds, the bees the flowers, and the trees.  Each tree bears its own fruit, and the birds flock accordingly.  He never elaborated on it, and he did not need to.  I knew what he meant.  Be who you are.  Find your place under the sun being true to your nature.  If you can do this, you won’t have to worry about anything else.  It will all come on its own.  Sometimes needing something more is needing to be more who you are and adding that to your life.  Do this and the birds will flock accordingly.

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  1. Hi

    Thats a good story and we do need to be a guiding light to the lost souls, we are all one on this planet earth, living in a field of counsiosness.

    1. Hey Gary

      I meant to respond to this some time ago. Just wanted to tell you thank you for the feedback, I am glad you liked the post, and I do agree we must all remember that this is a field of thought and raise our vibration.

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