The Holidays are Here and Positive Ambassadors are Everywhere, How cool is that?

Well the holidays are here once again.  Here in the United States, our holiday season starts with Thanksgiving, goes right into Christmas and continues on into the new year.  It proves to be a giving time of the year with people taking more time out for family, volunteering at soup kitchens, and giving more donations to help others in need. It is truly a wonderful thing. 

One of the coolest things I have noticed about the holidays over recent years that is actually very powerful is the great amount of goodwill expressed towards one another.  It happens at work, at school, in the stores, and everywhere we go.  With my gutter and window business this past week we have had so many customers wishing us a happy Thanksgiving.  They tell us in person, write in on notes, write it on the checks.  As I notice this, it seems as though peace and love is in the air and it is incredible to see.  I hear it everywhere I go, people expressing and wishing for the best for one another, and I can tell that they really mean it.  I love it, and I think to myself, this is what I am pushing for everyday to be like, people truly wanting the best for one another and taking an extra moment to make sure that other people know that this is what they want for them.  This is what being a Positive Ambassador is all about.

Note:  I could end this post and let it stand where it is but I feel like I have to mention a very important fact.  Spreading peace and love is wonderful and helps to make this world a better place, but in addition to this as we move into the world with this holiday spirit, we not only make the world a better place, we make our world a better place.  We feel better and we see more positive things happening in our world on account of our way of being.  I know you already knew this, but still, How cool is that?

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