Did You Know?

Did you know that we are all connected to a most positive place within and this place is all-knowing? Did you know that not only is this place all-knowing but this super intelligent part of ourselves is always working in our best interest whether we know it or not? Sometimes I forget. On account of my forgetting I hesitate to act on information that comes my way. Prior to my being on this incredibly positive path which includes my spirituality and meditation I would have found it incredible and unbelievable that I could have direct knowledge of things to come by way of dreams, meditation, and intuition. If you told me that I could I know what people in my world are planning, especially when those plans affect me, and I could know the best course of action to find myself in the best possible place for my peace of mind and happiness, if you told me that I would have access to such knowledge along with a vision to live a life with happiness and adventure beyond my most wonderful thoughts, I would have said “Sounds too good to be true but, bring it on.” If you told me that I could be led by God to know exactly what to do to produce the best life for myself and my loved ones I would have said “I want that life.” But when it comes are we really ready? When we start to have to have dreams and intuitions that tell us that maybe people who we thought we could trust in a certain area are not acting in our best interest are we really ready to hear it? When we are being told that the way we were taught to be in the world will not work in this situation, are we willing to move into the new way? When we are being to challenged to do something wonderful, but it takes us out of our comfort zone, are we going to be ready to act? The answer is usually no. Even if the information we are getting is comming from God or the most positive source within us, the answer is usually no. The funny thing is, every time I have had the guts to move into the information from the higher place, the results have been astonishing.

One year my business was slow and I got a message to downsize, I hated the idea, but when I did I instantly had more money and more time for my kids. Another year with my gutter and window cleaning business, winter came early and in a big way with unusually large amounts of snowfall. On account of this, we missed our peak season costing me large losses. We tried removing snow off roof tops. It was crazy and dangerous. I promised myself not to ever do this again. Then I asked God what to do for money. I got a message telling me to remove snow off roof tops. I could not believe it. I asked again and got the same message in the most crazy way. I decided to try again asking “Are you sure?” I kept getting messages saying try it. Then as I became more open to the idea, I got ideas for ways of doing the work in a very safe easy way. Even as I bought the equipment, people were hiring my business to do the work at the store where I was purchasing the equipment. I sent emails to my customers letting them know we were doing this work. The next thing I knew we could not get to the work fast enough. People were paying large amounts to have the work done. The guys who worked for me loved the work. I paid more than usual during this time. And believe it or not, it was fun. When the snow left we had plenty of gutter jobs waiting, but the guys and I wanted more snow so we could keep removing snow off roof tops. These are just two examples of what happens when we pay attention to the most positive connected part of ourselves and do what the Universe says to do.

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