Trust the connection

Today I start off with a reminder of how connected we are. It is short and sweet but for me it is still a reminder of how we all have this knowing deep inside. This morning I woke up and my wife Debbie reminded me that we were supposed to set our clocks back an hour last night. She looked at her phone and said “Sprint still has not turned their time back.” I thought to myself that she should turn off her phone and turn it back on. I didn’t tell her this I just thought it to myself. A couple of seconds later she turned her phone off and turned it back on and said “Oh after I turned off my phone and turned it back on the time changed to the right time.” I know that it sounds very minute but I thought “How did I know that would happen?” It was not like it was a guess but more like a knowing. Then I thought back as to how when we were going to the movies last night we were first headed to one theater. I think I was going there because she said it was closer to her mother’s house. We had just dropped off our youngest at her moms before heading to the show. For whatever reason I did not want to go to that theater. I kept saying I should have gone to the other theater in the other direction. To my surprise even though it would make us late my wife said “You should trust your feeling and go to the one you feel better about.” I was surprised. This sounded more like something I would say. I headed in the other direction to the one I felt better about. I told her that I don’t know what was going to happen if we went the other way but I really had a bad feeling about the first theater.

We got to the movie “In Time” (the name of the movie) a few minutes late but still enjoyed ourselves. As I laid in the bed this morning thinking about this I wondered what would have happened if we went to the first theater. I thought about how connected I am, how connected we all are. Then I looked over to the night stand next to me and thought I need to pick a page from Wise Words to be my page for the day. I decided to randomly pick a page from the front of the book. That’s when I got the grand finale.

First let me give you some background. Yesterday I opened the Bible for a message. I opened up to Ezekiel Chapter 40. It was the description of a temple. Ezekiel was being shown a temple by God on the inner plains. I thought about how my teacher used to say There is only one church, one temple, one synagogue, the human body. I also thought about how maybe that should be the lesson I speak on this week for the Enlightenment Program. I thought should I read from Ezekiel and then explain how we must go within the temple of the body. I thought about it and dismissed the idea. This morning I thought about how I must worship in His temple before I meditated. I thought about going within and seeing deep things on account of going into the true church and communing with God within. Then I meditated. I did not feel like I went too deep at all.

Now back to my original story the grand finale. When I open up Wise Words on the night stand looking for my message today as I said I chose a page from the front of the book. The page has in bold letters God built only one church on temple, one synagogue. . . the human body. To worship in any other temple is a sin. Darkness now covers the earth. This of course was the same page I thought about the day before and also the same page I thought about just prior to meditating this morning. I decided this will be what I speak on today after all, the pages from Ezekiel and Wise Words.

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