A Halloween Lesson Pay Attention To The Signs

As you probably know I am very big on following signs from God and The Universe. The funny thing is there are times where I am clearly getting signs and will choose not to follow them based on fear and intellect. This is a secret that most meditation teachers and people actively working on spirituality won’t admit. The truth is that even when we are actively working on our growth and actively calling ourselves being in tune, the signs that we get will often be hard to move into. What makes them hard to move into is the nature of the growth process. Often the signs we need are promptings to get us to do things that we up until now we may not have been open to. Our being open to them and moving on them is what ushers us to the new wonderful place in that area of our life. Two days ago I got a sign to make some moves in my world that I have been afraid to make. Did I say a sign. The truth is I got sign after, after sign. Even after getting these signs I was debating if I should act. Then I got my lesson. It came in a totally different situation.

The situation

My message yesterday was to flow with The Universe. In some ways I was doing this, especially in what I perceived to be the easy ways in my life. Like for Halloween last year I took my son Jordan trick or treating with my sister Traci and my nephew Maverick. It was so cool. There was this one street in her neighborhood where almost all the houses gave out candy. On the same street the people were so into Halloween that some of the houses seemed to be competing for best decoration and theme. The whole yard was like haunted houses, with witches fog machines, blowing fog, gravestones, and people crawling locked inside cages. There were people everywhere up and down the block, trick or treating. I believe the news even came out to one of the houses. It was just a lively scene. Well this year I thought about going again but when I called my sister she and Maverick already had other plans. I thought “that’s cool because this year our community is stepping up Halloween. It will be good to take Jordan around to see our neighbors. We live in an apartment and condo complex. We have only been here for a year and a half. We absolutely love the place and community, and I personally have been wanting to embrace and take advantage of all the good it has to offer. For the holiday we were all given orange signs to place on the doors of our homes to show that trick or treaters are welcome. My wife Debbie and I took Jordan around our community. Debbie hurt her leg recently, and has a cast on her foot and ankle, so she drove while Jordan and I walked.

It was very nice we met a lot of neighbors we did not know, and many of the people handing out candy were more even more excited that Jordan. We ran into a few other young kids, most who were with their parents, and all of them seemed so nice. Jordan had a nice time and after a while he was ready to go in. (A Sign) He had his little fun got some candy met some other kids and neighbors and was ready to end a perfect day. Debbie and I could not believe he wanted to go in. We thought we would take him to Traci’s neighborhood and walk down that fabulous Halloween street and give him a real Halloween experience. So we drove over to Traci’s neighborhood. When we got there Jordan was in the back seat of my truck sleep. Every time we woke him up to ask if he wanted to trick or treat more and get more candy he would look at us and immediately go back to sleep. (Another Sign) We finally got him up. I forgot to mention that the street was packed with people and groups of kids and parents up and down the street everywhere. You could hear ghost noises and see fog all around some of the houses. Some of the houses had chain saw noises and crazy looking guys standing outside with blood and chain saws in their hands. Luckily Jordan did not see all of this, he was still sleep when we rode pass. He is only 5 and can scare somewhat easily. I decided we would not go on that part of the street but start a block down where it was still quite lively. We parked the truck on a side street. Jordan and I got out and started walking to houses. There was lots of people out and they seemed nice. The only thing I did not like was there was large bands of teenagers everywhere and it seemed to be more of them then the little kids.

After we got to about the fifth house I got a call from Debbie. She said a group of older teen boys hit the back window of my truck with an apple. When she got out to look, they just looked at her and casually walked off. I was disappointed and angry. I took Jordan and headed back to the truck. I put Jordan in the truck and went to look for the teens. There were many groups of teens in large bands. I was looking for the description Debbie gave me but could not find them. I decided it was for the best. When I got back to the truck and we were headed home we both talked about how we liked the whole atmosphere better at home where it was not as lively, but very innocent with mainly younger kids and their parents out. I personally saw the truck getting hit by the apple as a sign telling me I should have paid attention to all the other signs telling me and my wife to be happy with the experience we had and listen to Jordan and go back home.

As I looked back at the whole situation I also realized that the whole situation was one big sign and reminder that I need to follow the signs I get. We kept getting signs saying to be happy with what we had in our neighborhood Halloween experience and go back home. We probably would have had a better second half of the evening if we did. However, the experience was a blessing because it once again showed me that when I truly follow the signs all is well, but as soon as I start not paying attention to the signs for whatever reason I will have to pay the consequences.

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