The Holidays are Here and Positive Ambassadors are Everywhere, How cool is that?

Well the holidays are here once again.  Here in the United States, our holiday season starts with Thanksgiving, goes right into Christmas and continues on into the new year.  It proves to […]

Power Moves

The other day I was talking to my friend Aaron and I kept finding myself talking about power moves. This may not be the proper term for what I am […]

Did You Know?

Did you know that we are all connected to a most positive place within and this place is all-knowing? Did you know that not only is this place all-knowing but […]

Trust the connection

Today I start off with a reminder of how connected we are. It is short and sweet but for me it is still a reminder of how we all have […]

A Halloween Lesson Pay Attention To The Signs

As you probably know I am very big on following signs from God and The Universe. The funny thing is there are times where I am clearly getting signs and […]