Last night I was watching the movie American gangster. Early on I was once again struck by a scene that has caught my attention before. Frank Lucas and his mentor Bumpy Johnson are walking. Bumpy is talking to Frank about some things that greatly disappoint him about the world. They then walk into a store. Bumpy is on a roll now with his complaining, talking about the store with disgust. Asking “Look at this super f…ing discount store, Where is the service, where is the pride in ownership?” The next thing you know Frank’s mentor and friend is falling to the floor in the middle of a heart attack. This scene has always been a very deep scene to me. It points out how powerful our mind and attitude is, especially when it comes to our health. It reminds me of times when I was on a roll talking about and complaining about something and the next thing I know I have an incredible headache. I even have had times when I began to think about something negative in nature, that may upset or worry me, and suddenly I feel my throat hurting, my tooth hurting, and my chest hurting, all at the same time. I would have to stop and breath, and relax. I have also found that if during such times, if I drank water the pain would often leave. But the message is always very strong. Get that off your mind. Keep it as positive as possible.

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  1. Well,sorry I couldn’t introduce before well,I’m an abandoned girl who suffers from a black spell.But,whatever I’m here n reading nice writings here….

  2. Well,sorry I couldn’t introduce before well,I’m an abandoned girl (just 21)who suffers from a black spell.I felt really bad.But,whatever I’m here n reading nice writings here….

    1. Hello Madu, I am glad that you like the posts. I would like to see you move beyond the black spell. As I am sure you probably already know, God is with you. You have the power to move beyond any darkness. The light is truly within you. Trust that all is well and it will be. Thank you again for reading.

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