A friend’s dialouge with God and The Universe

A friend of mine who is also a member of Meditativezone and PositiveAmbassador.Org were talking. He was telling me how he has been learning to dialogue with God and The Universe more. He reminded me that years ago he had a problem with the whole idea, but over the years through our conversations and some of my stories, he finally decided to give it a try. Before I go any further I should add that Charles’ problem with talking to God and even asking God for answers was not that he did not believe in God or the magic of the Universe but rather he felt that it was not right to ask God for anything. Afterall God knows his situations already. He also had a problem with the fact that I would ask for answers to the smallest things even though I would get what seemed to be astonishing results from the process. As I was saying, some time ago Charles tried asking God to give him some help in his world and was surprised because the help came right away.

Here recently our friend Charles was thinking. “You know God, I seem to always to ask for things in a selfish way. Maybe this time, for once, I should think about someone else in this process.” He went on to think about how his wife was also recently unemployed just like himself, and going through many of the same things that he was. He decided to ask if she could be directed to a job that she enjoyed that not only helped to pay the bills but also helped her to feel happy, worthy and fulfilled. To his surprise, God answered right away. His wife got a job offer the next day. It was almost unbelievable, she had been looking and waiting for over a year and as soon as he asks for help unselfishly for her without any thought for himself, a job miraculously shows up. He said what really got him was how fast it happened. I could tell that this was a big thing for Charles as it should be. I told him that my experience with such happenings is that as big as it is that his wife now has a job that we expect to be one that she truly enjoys, even bigger is the incredible magical experience of being so connected that you can truly ask and receive. The receiving is the small part. the big thing is knowing you are that intricately connected to The Universe. Charles agreed.

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