So are we

I would like to share a true story. One day I was down and out thinking about very pressing problems in my world. In addition to this, I was feeling ill due to some medication I had taken. Everything that I was physically experiencing was listed as a side effect of the medication. I stayed home that morning and decided to watch a documentary on a spiritual ashram and spiritual life. I hoped that watching this would put me in a different mood. As I watched I was reminded about my spirituality and gifts that I have to give in this world. Soon to my surprise, I felt happy instead of down and frustrated. That was quite a surprise, but even more surprising was my physical pain was gone. I asked God, “How could this be? Could watching this movie have made such a difference?” I decided to open a book and just expect the answer to be on the page that I opened up to. I looked at the book I was about to open and thought, “I don’t know how the answer could be in this book but I am going to get it.” When I opened it, to my surprise, I had part of another book inside of that book and mistakenly opened up the other book inside of the book I planned on looking in. The page read As a man thinketh so is he. Then it explained how we are what we think about, and that this shapes our whole world. Then I thought about my question What was it about that movie that changed things, is that possible that that’s what it was? Then I realized that as I watched the documentary, my thoughts shifted from worries to the spiritual life.

How incredible is this? As soon as I moved into the thoughts of the spirit and my place in life, where I truly belong, everything is taken care of. My problems disappear. But remember, as a man thinketh so is he. As we think so are we. So what do we do in light of this information? Keep our thoughts to the things of the spirit. Remind ourselves often of our true nature and purpose. Mine is being a meditation teacher etc. Talk to God and the Universe. Expect answers. Take time to meditate so these habits will me more a natural part of your being. Do these things often especially when feeling down. Once again remember you are what you think about. Think about problems and worries, expect more problems and worries. Think about magic, beauty, and God working through you, expect more magic, beauty and more of God in your world.

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