Can’t find happiness outside.

I was thinking about, maybe remembering is a better word. I was remembering how futile a task it is to chase after happiness in material situations. During this thought process and remembering I was brought back to a dream that I shared with some people just recently. In the dream I was talking about all the wonderful things that I had in my world. My friend and I were reminding one another just how good we have it. The funny thing is after coming out of this dream which truly reminded me just how great my life is and has been, I felt incredibly empty. My first thought was “Why do I feel so empty after being reminded of how good I have it?”

I soon realized it was because of the focus of the dream. The focus was on situations coming together in a favorable way. I also realized that for some time I may have been focusing on the same thing in my waking life, getting situations to turn out right and holding everything together. The truth is there is so much more to life and to happiness. I noticed some time ago that I am most happy when I am focused on getting my lessons and seeing God working in my world. Sure it is nice to have things work out. But even more important is me getting my lessons and growing through the process, and seeing God and the magic of the universe in my world. When this becomes my focus I am enthused as I sift through the events to get what is magically coming my way in the form of a lesson. usually I can look back and see how the situation was attracted to me based on the lesson that I was to get out of it. When I truly get it, life is incredible and I can see just how magically everything was designed just for me to finally get the lesson. And although the situation at hand becomes more favorable as I get my lesson, that’s not the best part. The best part is seeing that God is with me and seeing there is a magic and order behind things and knowing in that moment that everything is always working in my favor. That is something else. The focus and the process that brings such a realization wipes out any feeling of emptiness and replaces it with meaning and wonder.

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