Morning Thoughts

I found myself waking up early this morning thinking “What is this life about anyway?” The funny thing is I knew the answer and could write pages and pages based on lessons and experiences in the past. The real question should have been and actually was “What do I do now?” or “Why do I feel empty at this moment?” For those who don’t know me well I don’t do empty well. I don’t do unhappy well. I don’t do something missing well. So if I feel this way even for a day, I have a real problem. My life has to have meaning, deep meaning, and I have to be enthused.

I was thinking earlier yesterday that I have everything, and have pretty much gotten everything I want. At times I find myself worrying about how to keep these things for myself and my family and even working feverishly to do so. These are the times that I know I am slipping, slipping back into the realm of too many material concerns. Long ago I learned that life on the surface was not for me. I had to have a deep connection to that that is beyond the surface behind the scenes. Then I am alive. If I can keep my mind there then everything has meaning and I am alive.

Anyway after thinking what do I do now I opened up my the first book I wrote “What If My Soul is Eternal and Heaven Is Everywhere”. The page I opened to talked about keeping your mind on the inner light and sound, and the wonder of the Universe at all times. It reminded me what life is like when I do this. I thought about how things just seemed to miraculously come together when my mind is on the deeper side of life. Even more than that, I remembered how alive I feel when I see God working in my world. My problems at that moment were gone. As I thought about this, any worries I had were gone. I knew what to do with my life. Keep my mind on God. Look for God’s beauty and magic everywhere. Share what I see and experience. Continue to live my life with my kids and my wife and my business and my meditation movement, but look for God’s harmony in every step of the process. It was amazing with just that simple reminder I was back. Back in my place and everything looked beautiful.

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