Wonderful Signs For Peace Of Mind

This evening I found myself watching a movie that turned out to be one more wonderful sign in a series of signs coming my way in answer to a question I had posed to God and The Universe a couple of days ago. I wanted to know if I should consider buying into and running a franchise of a very well-recognized insurance company. A family member knows someone looking for two people who may be interested in such an opportunity and my name came up. Being an entrepreneur, I am always interested in ways of diversifying. I also know someone who made a good living owning a franchise with this same company. This made the offer even more intriguing. So as I said I decided to ask for an answer as to whether I should look deeper or not. I meditated also hoping to get more clarity. During the meditation I got a message saying that I need to be enthused. Afterwards I found myself thinking about the offer. The truth was that I was not enthused and the interest was purely about money. I continued to get signs showing me the things I am enthused about. Some of those things were my business that I currently run and my meditation movement. These are ways in which I truly enjoy serving people. After this I was convinced I got the message. Then before going to bed I put in a movie, A Good Year. I forgot how much it related to my question at hand.

In the movie Max, the main character goes back to his uncle’s vineyard and finds himself having to choose between the simple life of running the vineyard and his life as a big businessman making millions and millions of dollars. After some wonderful memories and lessons Max chooses to follow his heart rather than his head and the incredible business opportunity. He really seemed to be at peace on account of the choice. As for me, I truly enjoyed seeing the movie again. Even more I enjoyed the wonderful messages. It was like the movie was talking directly to me from beginning to end. Be true to yourself. Peace of mind is more important than money. Go back to who you always have been. Choose to nurture the best parts of yourself. It was every thing I needed to hear.

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