Take your time, take your time

A friend and meditation student of mine has a very big artistic project he is working on and a budding possible career in the same field. He was anxiously asking me what did I think his next move should be to get discovered. I told him take his time but make haste. He replied “take my time!” I said yea, work a little bit on it each day without stressing yourself out, and then make haste. I him told that the real making haste is the meditation. If you work on your project each day without the stress of having to be at the next place, and meditate more you will get ideas from the meditation and from the Universe.

One of the best ideas that have ever come to me came as a result of letting go of having to know what to do. It was the craziest thing. I always had a desire to reach a certain amount of people with the meditation and spiritual teachings. I finally decided that I did not need to do anything big with the meditation as a movement and I did not need to reach a large amount of people as far as teaching it. I would just get my lessons and live the best life I could based on the teachings. I would continue to grow and discover as much as I could about God and the Universe in this life, and enjoy Heaven here and now. I reminded myself all throughout the day to let go of any big plans or dreams. Then while I was sitting in traffic the most incredible idea came to me. It was an idea for spreading peace. It was simple but profound. It was the basic idea for the Positive Ambassador movement. Since then it seems like the more I take my time and let go of it needing to be any certain way, and meditate, the more I get the clearer vision for the next move.

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  1. Great post, man. Your writing is getting tighter. There was one glaring mistake. In the first paragraph, you misspelled the interjection yea. It’s spelled yeah.

  2. Hey what’s up Charles? I am glad you like the post. Being a meditation man and far from being an editor, I worked hard to not have a mistake. So I just want to let you know, I did check, and dictionary.com does list yea as being another version of the affirmative yes. Thanks again for reading.

  3. This is good. I’d like to know type of meditation you practice… I learned transendental meditation but would be open to learning others.. Could you advise on your experiences with different methods? Thank you for your posts. They are worthwhile.

    1. My meditation practice is called different things by different people. I call it The Highest Form of Meditation. My teacher called it Sant Mat. The primary focus is on the sound and light within or the Aum vibraiton. If you click on the free meditation program link located in the black space at the top of the blog I have two free downloads. One explains the type of meditation I practice and why I consider it to be the highest form. The other actually walks you through the process. Also, if you join the community by clicking on the Community Link that takes you to that site, I offer free downloads from time to time and in addition to this I have an Enlightenment Program for those who are interested.

      Thank you, it really means alot to me that you enjoy my posts

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