Take your time, take your time

A friend and meditation student of mine has a very big artistic project he is working on and a budding possible career in the same field. He was anxiously asking me what did I think his next move should be to get discovered. I told him take his time but make haste. He replied “take my time!” I said yea, work a little bit on it each day without stressing yourself out, and then make haste. I him told that the real making haste is the meditation. If you work on your project each day without the stress of having to be at the next place, and meditate more you will get ideas from the meditation and from the Universe.

One of the best ideas that have ever come to me came as a result of letting go of having to know what to do. It was the craziest thing. I always had a desire to reach a certain amount of people with the meditation and spiritual teachings. I finally decided that I did not need to do anything big with the meditation as a movement and I did not need to reach a large amount of people as far as teaching it. I would just get my lessons and live the best life I could based on the teachings. I would continue to grow and discover as much as I could about God and the Universe in this life, and enjoy Heaven here and now. I reminded myself all throughout the day to let go of any big plans or dreams. Then while I was sitting in traffic the most incredible idea came to me. It was an idea for spreading peace. It was simple but profound. It was the basic idea for the Positive Ambassador movement. Since then it seems like the more I take my time and let go of it needing to be any certain way, and meditate, the more I get the clearer vision for the next move.

A recent dream

Recently I had a dream in which I was a part of an organization. It seemed to be police related, but I am not sure. I do remember there was a situation where there was a lot of money at stake. Money that no one knew about. I was being asked to do things in secret and was very concerned. I felt like this was the kind of situation where you don’t know who to trust and knew it could be dangerous. I soon woke up. When I woke up I immediately began thinking about a movie I saw. The main characters were criminals and they were having to trust one another with large illegal money at stake. I could not help but see the similarities between the movie and my dream, both being situations with large illegal money and danger involved. When I was watching the movie I found myself thinking that quite often in these situations someone sets up the others to be killed and take all the money. I guess this thought carried right on into my subconscious into my dream.

I am finding that more and more in life I have to be careful of what I watch and talk about and what thoughts the engagement tends to trigger. Often these thoughts seem fleeting until they show up in a dream or even in my life, in this dream if you will. A friend of mine said years ago that he noticed that I censured myself, carefully picking and choosing what I watch, listen to and talk about. This may sound like a boring thing to some but the truth is picking movies, songs and conversations that lead to good and powerful fleeting thoughts that later show up in dream and in life can be quite exciting. When I have the opposite happen, it is a reminder to get back to my higher focus. What do you think?

A message from Royal Pains

The other day I found myself watching Royal Pains. I forgot all about this show. I just happened to be in the room when my wife was watching, so I watched also. I didn’t realize until it was over that it was a recording of an episode back in March. It was very good. One of the doctors a beautiful Indian girl (I’m sorry I forgot her name on the show) was about to get married and leave the practice. Her marriage was to be out of obligation more so than out of love. The guy she was going to marry seemed nice and they were going to try to make it work. For some reason it seemed like they were having so much trouble putting this wedding together. Finally they got it all together. Just when it is time to leave they find out they may have the plague and have to stay back and be tended to. Now they have to reschedule the wedding. This is when the young doctor finally decides that she just cannot get married. She pointed out all the difficulties they were having putting the wedding together and how it seemed like the Universe was trying to tell them not to go forward. She decided that she could not ignore the signs from the Universe, especially when they happen to go along with this nagging feeling she has deep within.

The interesting thing is I had something similar going on in my world. I had finally made a tough decision to send my son Cory to a college that was not his first choice even though he got accepted there and it is a more prestigious school than the one I am sending him to. I myself just like him wanted him to go to U of M as a first choice but his recent grades and attitude towards bringing them up became the final sign to what I probably knew all along. Our third choice Grand Valley State University, should have been our first choice for him. It is a much smaller school, a very good school, but with a program not quite as rigorous as at the University of Michigan. This would give him a little room for a mistake here or there as he is still working hard and trying to find his way.

Lucky for me just as I was feeling bad about making my tough decision and thinking about sending money to reserve a spot at U of M, I remembered the girl on Royal Pains talking about how she could not violate the signs from the Universe and found myself asking “how could I?”