Allowing answers to come from the positive source

Today we have access to so much knowledge and information it is absolutely incredible. We have experts we go to in so many fields it is unbelievable. It is truly a wonderful thing. But what do we do when we need an answer and need to know it beyond a shadow of a doubt? It can be the answer as to what to do about a certain thing in life, as far as what choice is best for our situation, or it can be a health related question. Sometimes we may find ourselves backed into a corner, or we may have advice from an expert that is not quite good enough or acceptable. What do we do? One thing that has always astonished me is that we truly have all the answers we need within. I have seen it time and time again in my own life. If I get centered the answer as to what to do about a particular situation will be revealed to me. And I must say it is always better when it is revealed to me than when I go searching for it. Quite often the answer can be offbeat but man will it work.

One example of such a thing is one I will borrow from the life of my teacher, Mr. Thomas Ambrister. When he was a young man in his twenties he got hit by a car and injured his leg. The doctors told him he would never walk again without crouches. This was an unacceptable diagnosis for Mr. Ambrister. Something told him that there is a way to fix this and he was determined to do it. He meditated often during this period and an idea came to him. I know this is going to sound crazy but it is true. He got a magnifying glass and would sit in his back yard every day in the sun shining the light on his leg. After a number of weeks of doing this, Mr. Ambrister was able to walk back in the doctor’s office with his crouches on his shoulder saying “here you go doc, I won’t be needing these any more.”

The funny thing is I have had many situations like this in my own life where the answer to my problems would come from within, especially after I would get centered. It has happened time and time again. But even with this being the case I still have to remind my self at times not to worry, because all the answers are within and I have access to them.

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  1. HI

    That is very true, I found myself doing that for years. Looking outside for my questions to why I was not truly happy. Looking for material things, jobs and personal relationships. You realy have to do the work inside and then those other things will show up. Great story, alot of truth and wisdom.

    Take care Gary

    1. Hello Gary

      Thanks for the reply. I really like the point you made about even personal relationships being somewhat like material things when it comes to happiness. I agree being happy goes beyond even that, and comes from within. And as you said, then the rest shows up.

      Thanks again my friend

  2. In the third paragraph, you misspelled “Doc”. Other than that typo, the post was really good.

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