Choosing your signs

Recently my son Cory asked a question during a meditation class. He asked, Can a person choose what their sign will be? I remember telling him that it is a good idea, to be open to signs from God and the Universe and I felt that it was better to be open than to just decide. My reasoning was that when we are open and aware, even somewhat looking, we leave room for it to be the one from God. But I must also admit as I think about it there has been times that I have chosen signs and been shocked at how incredible of a sign they turned out to be. Most of these times I did not wait for something to occur but rather said if this happens then it will be a sign. When doing so I feel like I still would leave room for the Universe to have it happen or not have it happen.

One example that I talk about often is when I was at a club years ago. This was before I was married to my wife Debbie. I was there and I was admiring all the pretty women at the club that night. It had to be at least a couple hundred. I was trying to decide who was the most attractive. I narrowed it down to three and then decided this one young lady was the most attractive. I decided that I would not say anything to her because I had enough problems with the girl I had been seeing. I did not know if I was going to break up with her or not. I said to myself “I don’t need to meet any one else I’m already confused.” Then I said “if she came over here to me I would not have any choice but to meet her. It would be meant to be.” Then I dismissed that unlikely possibility. Next I saw some guys come up to her and it seemed as if she knew them. I of course was watching and making sure I was not obvious. They talked for a minute and proceeded to walk towards the dance floor and had to pass me on the way. To my surprise when they got to where I was the guys kept walking and she stopped right in front of me. She said “I came all the way over here just to meet you and ask you to dance.” We danced all night. I could not believe how it happened I felt it was a sign if I ever saw one. I even told her we were meant to meet and told her what happened in my head before she came over. We dated for a while and had good times.

I am not saying that I totally chose the sign but my dialogue with the Universe and saying if this happened I would have no choice seemed to make God call me on my bluff.

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