Make Haste and Appreciate

My teacher Mr. Ambrister used to always say “make haste while the sun is still shining”. He meant to take advantage of good times and good conditions, after all we never know when things will change. He meant this in terms of life situations and in terms of meditating. Today I saw a movie that reminded me that the sun is definitely shining in my world and I must do all I can for my kids wife and family while I am good health and conditions are good. In the movie I saw the main character was a father who was struggling to take care of his children, just to keep them fed cared for and alive. During this struggle he finds out he is dying and must find someone to look out for his children. Ultimately he was told that the Universe will look out for them as it has thus far. It was a very powerful movie. I was reminded to appreciate all that God has given me and not get caught up on things that do not matter in the scheme of things. I must keep my primary mission in mind and be thankful. I have so much to be thankful for. I must admit almost any time I am down in some kind of way I have forgotten just how good I have had it and how much my family has been blessed. I feel like when I make that mistake I am not alone. I see so many people worried about secondary things to the point of making themselves sick and loosing focus on their primary mission. My thought is to take advantage of the good, be thankful for the good and make haste by using the gift of time we have been given for what is really important. This was my message for today. Perhaps it is yours too.

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