Judge Not When On The Path (a reminder from God and The Universe, there is always a lesson going on)

This evening I found myself judging my wife about how she was choosing to handle a situation at work. It was a difficult situation, but I still thought she could handle it differently than the way she was choosing to. I tried talking to her about the situation for her own sake, but it seemed like she just could not get where I was coming from. Then I happened to wake up after going to sleep and my favorite television show, Being Erica, was on. Just before watching I had opened up Wise Words, the second book I wrote, based on lessons I learned from my teacher Mr. Ambrister. It just so happened I had forgotten to look for my message for today, so I said this will be my page. It was a story about two masters who handled a situation totally differently but at the same time were both great masters. This story always reminded me that with all my flaws I can still be a good meditation teacher as I grow on the path. As I said I opened up to this page just before watching Being Erica.

I almost turned off Being Erica, because it was a rerun, but to my surprise I had never seen this episode. It had to be the only one I had never seen before. In this scene Erica was in a difficult situation and was handling it in a way that many of us may not approve of. Those close to her were trying to get her to see another way of handling the situation, but for quite some time she could not see any other way. Even though Erica may have been making a mistake, in my eyes it did not take away her greatness because I knew she was still learning and growing on the spiritual path, and I like her character. Then I noticed that her situation was almost identical to my wife’s.  Her metaphysical therapist Dr Tom and her friend were acting just like me in my wife’s situation, trying to get her to see another perspective. In that moment I was reminded that just like Erica is learning and still great, just like one of the masters in my story I read in Wise Words was still great and learning, so was my wife Debbie still great and still learning on her path in life. My job is to be there for her.

As I look back, my lesson in this seemed to be all perfectly orchestrated. Once again let’s look at how perfectly the events came together for me to get my lesson. I just woke up out the blue to watch Being Erica. I could have awakened earlier or later and would not have seen my show. When I went out to my truck as the show was about to come on I was going to get a toy to give my Son Jordan. He we asking for Buzz as he was about to go to sleep. Wise Words just so happened to be laying on the back seat so I decided to open it for my page for the day. If Jordan was not so intent on having this Buzz Lightyear ( and he has several) I would not have gone outside to find the book and see the page I saw with the message about the two masters. It turns out that this Being Erica that I saw, is the one episode I had not seen, so I watch. What are the odds of that. Had it been any other I would have gone back to bed. The television show and the book both have the same message and point exactly to what I was thinking about and to what I need to be reminded of. I love it when things work out this way.

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