Casting Pearls (Just A Reminder)

Twice or maybe even three times this week I made the mistake of “casting pearls before swine”. Ofcourse this comes from the biblical quote “Do not cast pearls before swine”. My teacher Mr. Thomas Ambrister used to say this often. The meaning was do not share your precious and newly found ideas and discoveries with those who are not in your corner or do not understand. If you do they may oppose you, use it against you, or undermine what you are trying to accomplish. This is easy to understand and look out for when you are dealing with people who are not on your team or clearly do not have your best interest at heart. But what about when it is someone who is supposed to be in your corner and often is? It just so happens that in this situation they do not understand. This may be your husband or wife, mother or father, good friend or someone who you would normally trust. They may not even intentionally undermine you or mean any harm. They may even truly be in your corner, but may not understand the value of the new pearls you have to share, What do you do then? Once again, do not cast those pearls.

Each time I did it recently caste pearls, it was with people who mean well but did not have the experience to truly understand where I was coming from. In one case I was talking about miracles I had experienced and the other party could not see it. When I say miracles I mean incredible ways in which the Universe seemed to be mysteriously working on my be half. In one case it was me getting signs pointing me in a certain direction. I have found when I follow the signs incredible things happen and my problems are solved. The problem is when we make the mistake of sharing such things with those who do not understand, if we are not careful, we may start to doubt the value of the great pearls we are trying to share. Soon we are no longer able to see the miracle, great value or sensitivity of the situation ourselves. Then rather than being uplifted by sharing we are actually brought down if we share with the wrong party. As I said I was reminded a couple of times this week of this great truth. My suggestion is that you also watch out for it in your life too. If you do wish to share your wonderful ideas, knowledge and information. Choose wisely who you share it with. If you do then you will helped and uplifted, rather than experience the opposite effect.

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