A Secret About The Positive Mind

One of the most positive things in the world to me is the fact that we have access to all the answers. I mean this literally. No matter what it is that we are going through we literally have access to the best way to handle the situation. As a matter of fact if we look at our lives we can even see a theme. If we have a challenging situation going on in one area of our lives, more than likely we have the same thing going on in other areas of our life, if we take the time to step back and look. Actually the truth is whatever is going on is not just happening by accident but is happening to get us to see certain things and grow accordingly. Some find this hard to believe but we actually create our own worlds or attract all the situations going on in our life to get lessons. Now here is the positive thing about it. The lesson is designed to bring us to a happier more enjoyable place if we can learn to see life in the new way that the situation is trying to bring us to. If we really believe this and ask God, The Universe, Our deeper self, which ever one we choose, What is the lesson in this?, if we ask this question and really mean it we will see a almost magical thing happen. We will see the answer come as if out of know where. I have done this many times and had answers come from television shows, movies, even someone coming up to me and literally out of the blue talking to me about the exact thing I was thinking about. The more we believe in such things and move in such ways, the more experiences we have like this.

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