An Amazing Experience

Today I had an amazing experience. Some will also see it that way after I explain it and others will see it as good luck or coincidence. You be the judge.

I was in downtown detroit taking care of some business in the federal building. When I got there I only had two quarters in change for the parking meter. I was limited on time and did not have time to go somewhere and get change for the meter. The two quarters bought me 30 minutes in time. So I went in. I figured if things go smoothly I will be out in time. I hoped I would because I already have a $50.00 fine from not too long ago at the same place. When I got into the agency they were very slow. I could not believe how slow they were. I thought about leaving but I knew I needed to get my business taken care of today. I meditated while I sat and waited. I did it in a way in which those watching probably would think I was thinking or asleep. It took almost an hour before I was done, and I knew I had to get down those 20 flights and to my truck if I was lucky before the meter maid came. I forgot to mention the meter readers seem to circle this place just waiting to give you a ticket.

Well I get downstairs and I say to myself right as I get close to the door, “If I jog to the truck, I will not get a ticket. If I don’t, I will get a ticket.” I heard the inner sound (the aum vibration) ringing my ears. Usually this means that I am in the zone and to pay attention. I decided to put my feeling to the test and jog to my truck. Right as I bend the corner I see the meter reader sitting in the car right next to my truck appearing to be talking to someone. I said to myself “just keep jogging and trust what you said and the vibration.” I also said “you know how this works the meter reader will give you the ticket even if you make it to the car, if they started writing you get the ticket. Even if you leave before they finish, they send you the ticket in the mail. I have yet to see someone get a break. No keep jogging and trust.”

I got to the truck and there was a guy in front of where I was saying to me “she already got you.” I said “oh no”. Then I went to talk to the reader but she kept talking to the person in the other car. I started up my truck and left wondering if I was going to get a ticket in the mail. I decided to go back and ask the meter reader. So I pulled up in the middle lane parked my truck and got out and asked. I said “Do you have a ticket for me?” She said “Were you in the white car?” I said “no the red truck.” She said “no you made it.” I thanked her and left.

It was amazing. It happened just like I said when leaving before I even saw the meter reader. “If I jog all the way I won’t get a ticket.” What are the odds of that. You tell me?

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  1. This was definitely an amazing experience; Craig. I have had a couple myself the past few days. All last week I was feeling awful. The feeling was so bad that I could not wait to talk about it in class, on sunday. I needed some guidance. I knew I had not been living up to my potential, and not embracing my lessons in life. I could see how it was affecting my entire life, in a negative way. During class I was advised to embrace my lesson. This has been told to me many times, already. Someone needed some electrical work done, but they said they were going to do it themself. After class I found myself driving to the job to see if it was done. It was not. Later that night, a good friend and co-worker, called me and asked if I was laid-off and I said yes. He asked if I would help him with a job, the very next day, and I said yes. It was not strange for my friend to call me, however, our dealings have always been of a social nature. I called a more experienced friend and co-worker and told him about the job. He gave me some pointers. The next day I leaned into the job, repeating my mantra the entire time. The job was completed and I was happy with my monetary compensation. I felt so good inside. Another thing that was funny about the experiece is that, this job was a more extensive version of the job that I drove by to look at. I felt confident that I could do the other job alone. I simply can not accept this as a coincidence. I am scheduled to do another job with my same friend tomorrow. I can’t wait.

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