A Positive Story From A Friend

Sunday My friend Charles told me a story that was very positive and uplifting but I did not realize how significant it was in my world until this morning. This morning I was feeling that in some ways I was not living up to my potential. Even though I know I have a great life I also know that I could be doing more with it. I was thinking that “looking at all that I have how could this bother me so?” Then the story popped in my head. The one Charles mentioned in meditation class.

He said that he was at a some type of jazz outing and he met a musician who was homeless. Charles said that the man had one of the most positive outlooks on life he had ever seen. He was talking about how he had great expectations and high hopes for the new year. He was currently living out of his car and would play outside of events where people would leave money for him. The man is a trombone player and this is how he makes his living, playing outside at various places where large crowds may be attending. The man never asked Charles for any money just gave him good conversation. When it was his turn to play he played marvelously. Charles said that he could not believe how upbeat the man was, seeming to enjoy his life and having great expectations for the future and working his craft and his plan while living his dream, yet with no home to go to. I forgot to mention that he also had business cards that he gave to the band that let him play. After telling this story Charles said “many of us are upset and down at times with everything we need, a nice home, a warm bed, and much more, feeling sorry for ourselves. In the meantime, there are people like this guy as positive as can be with much tougher circumstances, Yea man your Positive Minded web site is vital.”

At the time for a brief second I thought “How is the site going to help people get this?” It was not until this morning that I remembered the story. When I did I was energised thinking that “I have all the resources in the world to expand on my endeavours and live my dreams and I have all the comforts I could ask for while doing so. Time to get busy and back to work, with no excuses.” In that process I realized my having a network of positive people who know that I am focusing on the positive and share their positive experiences with me is exactly what I needed to catch me and get me back in gear. Now I see it again this is why the site is so vital. Thanks Charles for sharing.

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