Casting Pearls (Just A Reminder)

Twice or maybe even three times this week I made the mistake of “casting pearls before swine”. Ofcourse this comes from the biblical quote “Do not cast pearls before swine”. My teacher Mr. Thomas Ambrister used to say this often. The meaning was do not share your precious and newly found ideas and discoveries with those who are not in your corner or do not understand. If you do they may oppose you, use it against you, or undermine what you are trying to accomplish. This is easy to understand and look out for when you are dealing with people who are not on your team or clearly do not have your best interest at heart. But what about when it is someone who is supposed to be in your corner and often is? It just so happens that in this situation they do not understand. This may be your husband or wife, mother or father, good friend or someone who you would normally trust. They may not even intentionally undermine you or mean any harm. They may even truly be in your corner, but may not understand the value of the new pearls you have to share, What do you do then? Once again, do not cast those pearls.

Each time I did it recently caste pearls, it was with people who mean well but did not have the experience to truly understand where I was coming from. In one case I was talking about miracles I had experienced and the other party could not see it. When I say miracles I mean incredible ways in which the Universe seemed to be mysteriously working on my be half. In one case it was me getting signs pointing me in a certain direction. I have found when I follow the signs incredible things happen and my problems are solved. The problem is when we make the mistake of sharing such things with those who do not understand, if we are not careful, we may start to doubt the value of the great pearls we are trying to share. Soon we are no longer able to see the miracle, great value or sensitivity of the situation ourselves. Then rather than being uplifted by sharing we are actually brought down if we share with the wrong party. As I said I was reminded a couple of times this week of this great truth. My suggestion is that you also watch out for it in your life too. If you do wish to share your wonderful ideas, knowledge and information. Choose wisely who you share it with. If you do then you will helped and uplifted, rather than experience the opposite effect.

A Secret About The Positive Mind

One of the most positive things in the world to me is the fact that we have access to all the answers. I mean this literally. No matter what it is that we are going through we literally have access to the best way to handle the situation. As a matter of fact if we look at our lives we can even see a theme. If we have a challenging situation going on in one area of our lives, more than likely we have the same thing going on in other areas of our life, if we take the time to step back and look. Actually the truth is whatever is going on is not just happening by accident but is happening to get us to see certain things and grow accordingly. Some find this hard to believe but we actually create our own worlds or attract all the situations going on in our life to get lessons. Now here is the positive thing about it. The lesson is designed to bring us to a happier more enjoyable place if we can learn to see life in the new way that the situation is trying to bring us to. If we really believe this and ask God, The Universe, Our deeper self, which ever one we choose, What is the lesson in this?, if we ask this question and really mean it we will see a almost magical thing happen. We will see the answer come as if out of know where. I have done this many times and had answers come from television shows, movies, even someone coming up to me and literally out of the blue talking to me about the exact thing I was thinking about. The more we believe in such things and move in such ways, the more experiences we have like this.

An Amazing Experience

Today I had an amazing experience. Some will also see it that way after I explain it and others will see it as good luck or coincidence. You be the judge.

I was in downtown detroit taking care of some business in the federal building. When I got there I only had two quarters in change for the parking meter. I was limited on time and did not have time to go somewhere and get change for the meter. The two quarters bought me 30 minutes in time. So I went in. I figured if things go smoothly I will be out in time. I hoped I would because I already have a $50.00 fine from not too long ago at the same place. When I got into the agency they were very slow. I could not believe how slow they were. I thought about leaving but I knew I needed to get my business taken care of today. I meditated while I sat and waited. I did it in a way in which those watching probably would think I was thinking or asleep. It took almost an hour before I was done, and I knew I had to get down those 20 flights and to my truck if I was lucky before the meter maid came. I forgot to mention the meter readers seem to circle this place just waiting to give you a ticket.

Well I get downstairs and I say to myself right as I get close to the door, “If I jog to the truck, I will not get a ticket. If I don’t, I will get a ticket.” I heard the inner sound (the aum vibration) ringing my ears. Usually this means that I am in the zone and to pay attention. I decided to put my feeling to the test and jog to my truck. Right as I bend the corner I see the meter reader sitting in the car right next to my truck appearing to be talking to someone. I said to myself “just keep jogging and trust what you said and the vibration.” I also said “you know how this works the meter reader will give you the ticket even if you make it to the car, if they started writing you get the ticket. Even if you leave before they finish, they send you the ticket in the mail. I have yet to see someone get a break. No keep jogging and trust.”

I got to the truck and there was a guy in front of where I was saying to me “she already got you.” I said “oh no”. Then I went to talk to the reader but she kept talking to the person in the other car. I started up my truck and left wondering if I was going to get a ticket in the mail. I decided to go back and ask the meter reader. So I pulled up in the middle lane parked my truck and got out and asked. I said “Do you have a ticket for me?” She said “Were you in the white car?” I said “no the red truck.” She said “no you made it.” I thanked her and left.

It was amazing. It happened just like I said when leaving before I even saw the meter reader. “If I jog all the way I won’t get a ticket.” What are the odds of that. You tell me?

A Positive Story From A Friend

Sunday My friend Charles told me a story that was very positive and uplifting but I did not realize how significant it was in my world until this morning. This morning I was feeling that in some ways I was not living up to my potential. Even though I know I have a great life I also know that I could be doing more with it. I was thinking that “looking at all that I have how could this bother me so?” Then the story popped in my head. The one Charles mentioned in meditation class.

He said that he was at a some type of jazz outing and he met a musician who was homeless. Charles said that the man had one of the most positive outlooks on life he had ever seen. He was talking about how he had great expectations and high hopes for the new year. He was currently living out of his car and would play outside of events where people would leave money for him. The man is a trombone player and this is how he makes his living, playing outside at various places where large crowds may be attending. The man never asked Charles for any money just gave him good conversation. When it was his turn to play he played marvelously. Charles said that he could not believe how upbeat the man was, seeming to enjoy his life and having great expectations for the future and working his craft and his plan while living his dream, yet with no home to go to. I forgot to mention that he also had business cards that he gave to the band that let him play. After telling this story Charles said “many of us are upset and down at times with everything we need, a nice home, a warm bed, and much more, feeling sorry for ourselves. In the meantime, there are people like this guy as positive as can be with much tougher circumstances, Yea man your Positive Minded web site is vital.”

At the time for a brief second I thought “How is the site going to help people get this?” It was not until this morning that I remembered the story. When I did I was energised thinking that “I have all the resources in the world to expand on my endeavours and live my dreams and I have all the comforts I could ask for while doing so. Time to get busy and back to work, with no excuses.” In that process I realized my having a network of positive people who know that I am focusing on the positive and share their positive experiences with me is exactly what I needed to catch me and get me back in gear. Now I see it again this is why the site is so vital. Thanks Charles for sharing.

Do you have a positive story or thought that you would like to share and pass on? Don’t be shy join our community share your thoughts pass them on to others and be in the midst of other positive minded people. Click Here

The Kings Speech Movie (spiritual interpretation)

Last week I went to see a movie and the theater made a mistake and listed the wrong time. When I got there I decided to see The King’s Speech instead. The lady at the ticket counter told me that I was lucky and whether I realized it or not, I had upgraded. She was so right. The movie is about King George The VI when he was still heir to the throne, actually the second in line behind his older brother, and his overcoming a speech impediment, in order to lead the English nation into battle during a time of crisis as the new King. The movie focused on growth, challenge, overcoming fears, and an incredible relationship between a speech therapist and a struggling soon to be king. Below I have listed just a few insights that I noticed in this wonderful movie.

Our hero the soon to be king, unlike his older brother is the right man for the job. He is a family man, a military man, and has the country and it’s people’s best interest at heart. The only problem is as the new king he will have to give radio speeches and he stutters so badly he can barely express himself when talking to an audience. In life even when we are the right person for the job or situation, there is often still large obstacles that have to be overcome. The situation and our overcoming is designed to help us grow and move to the place where we ultimately belong.

Because of his speech challenges he feels that he could never be king and not even sure if wants the job, but the job seems to be coming his way anyway. Quite often our destiny comes knocking on our door even if we are not yet convinced that we are equipped and ready to move into it.

Just when all seems lost with attempts to prepare the Duke (our hero) to be able to give speeches and communicate better, his wife stumbles across a unconvencional speech therapist who may just be able to do what the others have not been able to do. Help our hero. There is always help on the horizon if we are open to it, and it often comes at the eleventh hour. This therapist was very unconventional and in the eyes of many and not qualified for the job, at least some would say. Sometimes those who are most qualified are not recognized by the so called establishment at first but are yet still the most qualified.

The therapist is very challenging to the Duke, our soon to be king, personally and professionally and at times it makes for a strained relationship, but all was done out of care and a strong desire for the king to succeed. The two become very good friends. In life we must be true to ourselves and those who we serve, even if its’ challenging to them at times, and hope those who we are serving will succeed and understand in the long run.

The therapist called the Duke soon to become King William the bravest man he knew. Even though he had many fears our hero fought and fought to overcome and rise into a position that he was being thrown into. True bravery is not always the absence of fears, but sometimes the willingness to overcome them.

The Dukes wife was extremely supportive. Behind every great man is a great woman, whether it be a great wife, great mother, grandmother or sister. It can even be a man be it father, uncle or brother. The same is true of great women. they have great husbands, etc. We all need support.

This was a great movie about overcoming fears and great challenges. The great movies and stories are rarely about smooth sailing. They usually involve overcoming great obstacles and the lead character rising to the challenge. The same is true of great life stories and people. So let’s welcome our challenges and forge ahead.