Casting Pearls (Just A Reminder)

Twice or maybe even three times this week I made the mistake of “casting pearls before swine”. Ofcourse this comes from the biblical quote “Do not cast pearls before swine”. […]

A Secret About The Positive Mind

One of the most positive things in the world to me is the fact that we have access to all the answers. I mean this literally. No matter what it […]

An Amazing Experience

Today I had an amazing experience. Some will also see it that way after I explain it and others will see it as good luck or coincidence. You be the […]

A Positive Story From A Friend

Sunday My friend Charles told me a story that was very positive and uplifting but I did not realize how significant it was in my world until this morning. This […]

The Kings Speech Movie (spiritual interpretation)

Last week I went to see a movie and the theater made a mistake and listed the wrong time. When I got there I decided to see The King’s Speech […]