Waking up to what is real

Last week I saw an episode on “Being Erica” ( on CBC network on Wednesdays) that really caught my attention. Even before I saw it, something inside told me that this particular episode had something in it I really wanted to see. That something inside was right. This show was so deep. For those of you who have never seen the show, Erica stumbled onto a therapist Dr. Tom who takes her back in time each week to work out her issues, literally by way of time travel. She can sometimes go on purpose and other times just show up all of a sudden to work out some issues. This week she finds herself waking up in the hospital and being told by Dr. Tom who tells her he is Dr. Wexler and that she has been in a coma for two weeks. Her family and friends tell her the same thing, that she passed out and instead of waking up to Dr. Tom and traveling through time like she thought she had been doing, she had really been imagining the whole thing while in the comma and is just waking up now. There is no Dr. Tom. There is no business that she created. There is no time travel therapy, or new boyfriend she met in therapy, just life as she knew it before passing out, and waking up to all of these dreamed of events.

Erica struggles to know what is real the reality, the one that she is in,or the one she is being told was just a dream, which by the way also sounds crazy if its not a dream. In the end she decides to hang on to who she has become and all her lessons she got from the magical life with Dr. Tom, whether it is real or a dream. She then finds out it was all a test to see if she was ready to help others the same way she was helped. Her magical life was real after all.

This all reminds me of my life. At the age of 21 or 22 I met my teacher Mr. Ambrister. Ever since and even just prior to this encounter, I have experienced what I consider to be incredible miracles. Some include time travel into the past, the future and possible futures. I know, I know, some of you are saying this guy is crazy. What if I told you that I had a dream about a situation that not happened in my life but it felt so real I could not believe it? What if I also told you that a month later I found myself in that same situation in real life and it was just like it was in my dream? Would it really be too far fetched to consider my dream as a way of time traveling into the future before it hapened. I have had things like this happpen many times and other incredible events like where I could hear what was happening on other sides of town while in meditation, or have things miraculously occur where the exact things I need show up out of nowhere. Some of these incredible experiences I talk about ( to the like-minded of course ) and others I don’t talk about at all. And yes sometimes I find myself during my most challenging experiences, when I need a miracle most and to believe the most, wondering can I really walk in the new way and hang onto all I have learned from my teacher, meditations and experiences, or go back to a normal life where these were all coincidences and imaginings. Just like Erica I have to hang onto my lessons and who I have become, and help others to do the same.



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