Simran The Repetition

In the meditation science simran is a word that means repetition. The idea is to repeat a mantra over and over and eventually become attuned to the mantra and become one with that mantra. I tell people all the time that they are constantly meditating whether they know it or not. We can repeat the mantra of the world and experience all the effects of it or we can practice the simran repetition of the holy names and experience the effects of that meditation practice. Both are very powerful and have powerful effects. The mantra of the world is the repeating of all of our worldly concerns hopes and dreams. Even when we think we are taking the higher road and repeat our hopes and dreams, most often we become attached to the outcome and begin to worry about the possibility of them not turning out the way we would like. The results are stess, neck pain, headaches, and stuations being attracted that we do not enjoy.

The idea with what we call the meditation process and the simran or repetition of the holy names is to attach our minds to the higher vibration within that is all peace. This practice leads us to our true hopes and dreams without all the worry of them working or not working out the way we think we would like. I could go on and on but I will say this, I usually start people out with the mantra A U M. It is a very wonderful mantra that can be used at any time. For a free explanation or demonstration or reminder of its greatness listen to my audios The Highest Form Of Meditation and How To Meditate. They are both on this site in my free meditation section. The more we practice the simran the more beautiful our life becomes. Don’t take my word for it. Try it.

Question For Craig Kimbrough

Dear Craig

“I had a dream last night that really disturbed me. In the dream my fiance and I were married and she did not want to be intimate with me. She said that lately her mind was on Ronald and because of him she has no desire for me. I have no idea who this guy is, even in my dream I didn’t know him. All of a sudden I became very angry and threatening toward her. I did not hurt her, but I did act out. Then I found myself trying to manipulate and find ways to make her want me. I was very hurt and did not know if she had been intimate with him or only thinking about it. I was also ashamed about my threatening anger and my trying to manipulate her to be with me. I was also ashamed that I still wanted to be with her. Then I woke up. Do you think that the dream means that she is seeing some guy? Or do you think that this is a sign of things to come? Or do you think this is showing my insecurities?”

Is she cheating on you? Is this a sign of things to come? These two questions are unknowns and much less important than what the dream was really making known. The dream was clearly telling you that you are too attached and even if she had someone else you would still want her to be with you, even to the point of manipulation. The dream was letting you know how attached you are and how unattractive it is. Your being ashamed of your reaction told you this. Now don’t get me wrong. As my teacher Mr. Ambrister said “Even Jesus Hollared On The Cross” , but then he reflected and saw things from a mystical perspective. Then he was counseling the guy next to him, and above the situation. We all get upset for a moment, but the idea is to become above the situation. Become less attached to what happens in this relationship. Enjoy it without any fears of outcome. Know that you are so attractive that if she ever finds someone else and leaves you, she will be the one missing out. Do what you must to feel this way, get out with friends etc. and meditate often.

If you do what I suggest the possibility is much less likely you will experience what you did in your dream. You will be interesting to her, even though this is not the point. If you continue on with the feelings you have you will more than likely create the situation. Feel good don’t worry, know you are fascinating, and be fascinating, and know your good will come from her or somewhere else, but it will surely continue to come.



Question When looking for God’s mission for you, when you meditate, do you meditate on that, or do you meditate on the spirit within and just go with the flow of whatever comes your way?

This question comes from a good friend and meditation student of mine, Nate. I told him that I have done both when needing answers and direction. But I must say that even when you take the question inside at some point you should let go of the question and meditate on the mantra, sound and light within. If you can not meditate on the inner sound and light, then meditate on the mantra in the proper center. If anyone has questions on the method then go to my free meditation audio.

More… My teacher used to say to take your burdens to the Lord and leave them there. When you meditate or prior to meditation take the concerns and even questions on God’s mission for you to God and say this I leave with you. It is not my concern anymore. I will be open to whatever you bring my way, whether the answer or clues come from this meditation, a dream, or a situation in my outside world, I know my meditating and clearing my mind will take me there. Then from this point on meditate strictly for getting centered, attaining peace, being at one, or for the advanced contacting the Guru or contacting God. This will take you far and this will help you let go enough to contact your deeper self without all the concerns and worries that come along with finding your mission or how to carry it out. At the same time if you really practice and let go of needing things to be a certain way the answers and direction comes.

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