Building on what we have

In the movie Under The Tuscan Sun Francis recomended to a student, who had writers block, to go back to his bad ideas and work on them. The advise proved to be good and he used it to turn an old idea into a successful book. Often when we are wondering what to do next it is a good idea to look at what he have done before and examine the good in it. Other times we may need to examine what we have thought about doing and examine the good in it. Sometimes it is good to simply examine our way of being and what we love and makes us tick. In other words we must build on what we have and who we are.

Too often we try to leave behind who we are as we move forward. In some ways this is a good thing if we are talking about our ego. That part of us that says “what will they think about me if I do this?” This often gets in the way and taints our good idea or self expresssion. So leaving the ego behind can be a good thing. But on the other hand it can be a mistake if we leave behind the part of us that is the way that the Universe wants to express itself through us. So what is that you love to do? Build on that. What is it that you are truly good at? Build on that. What is it you would like to see given to the world or certain people in the world? Build on that. Moving on this will lead to more life, more love, and peace of mind.

Although I know this works from experience, the truth is, as much as I am sharing this with you I am truly reminding myself. I have so many things I can build on as I move forward in this adventure, my life. I love my business. I love the meditation movement, I love my family life. I love writing books. I love giving talks. I love answering spiritual questions. No need to look for anything new. Build on that Craig. Whenever I am not feeling alive enough in some way I have probably forgotten who I am and what I love and stopped building on that in my life. I am betting the same is true with you.

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