Recently I Get A Common Message

Recently the movies I have seen seem to have a common theme. If you want to find true happiness you have to let go of fame, power, the need for recognition, and wealth. I saw three movies that brought this home quite a bit. They were The Social Network, Dispicable Me, and The Nany Diaries. In The Social Network the main character achieves great wealth and notoriaty. He sought the power and notariaty but never seemed to be truly happy. The times I did notice what may have been happiness, it seemed to be in the creative process, but had nothing to do with the fame and wealth he achieved and we all seem to crave.

Inthe movie Dispicable Me, the main character rose above his need for fame and notoriaty to find his true place in life and happiness. This animation was truly a joy to watch with a great message.

The Nany Diaries, this one caught me by surprise, because I had been noticing how difficult fame and great wealth can make it to see what’s truly important. I was noticing it from afar in the lives of several celebrities and felt like an observer of an experiment of sorts. Interestingly the same evening I walk in while my wife is watching The Nany Diaires and this is exactly what takes place. A student studies the life of the very rich by becoming a nany for a very wealthy family. In the movie she discovers that money is not as important as one may think on the road of happiness and she also discovered that the attachment to all that comes with it can complicate the journey. Now don’t get me wrong I still totally agree with my teacher when he said “Even If You Need A Million Dollars Go Out and Get It, Just Remember To Repeat Your Mantra” In other words there is nothing wrong with money fame the material of this world but the key is to not be attached to it. Repeat your mantra meditate and enjoy your life.

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