Being in your place and hearing the inner sound

There is an inner sound, a vibration that runs through us all. This vibration is talked about by saints and masters of all time. In the Bible John says “The […]

Building on what we have

In the movie Under The Tuscan Sun Francis recomended to a student, who had writers block, to go back to his bad ideas and work on them. The advise proved […]

Bridging The Gap Between Metaphysical Truths

Metaphysical Truth: From What If My Soul Is Eternal And Heaven Is Everywhere? by Craig Kimbrough pages 45 and 46 One of my favorite actors is Nicholas Cage. That’s because […]

Recently I Get A Common Message

Recently the movies I have seen seem to have a common theme. If you want to find true happiness you have to let go of fame, power, the need for […]