In The Universe The Difficult Things Are Done As If They Are Easy (The Next 30 Days)

I was watching Being Erica this week and to my surprise the message seemed to be sometimes the best thing to do is nothing. I had something big that I was trying to figure out the best way of accomplishing and for some reason the idea of doing nothing seemed to be the answer. It was quite funny because just prior I found myself feeling like I had to do so much and had no idea how to do it.

The next day I get a series of messages. The first was from a Lao Tsu writing where he says “In the universe the difficult things are done as if they are easy.” That line really hit me. When he said “in the universe” it was as though he was saying when you are connected, when you are in your place. In other words get in the universe, get with God and be in your place. It reminded me of how when things were at there most difficult point my teacher Mr. Ambrister would tell me to meditate deeper and more often. Then he would say “and Craig It”s gonna be easy!” We would both bust out laughing. After all how could it be easy when I was having such a tough time and the situation looked impossible?

This same morning after reading Lao Tsu, I also opened up my book Wise Words to a page titiled The Parable of The Trees. The message was when you are in your place just like a tree in it’s place, the birds will flock accordingly. All that you need will come. You don’t have to do anything. The same basic message. My next message, Pay attention to coincedences.

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  1. I have been reading the, living the wisdom of the TAO, the complete TAO TE Ching and affirmations, written by Wayne Dyer. I have been reading this book and I am also choosing the path of Buddha to achieve enlightenment.
    1.My question is can you get to a state of enlightenment living the TAO and Buddhism?
    2. When does the pain of meditating for long periods of time go away in your personal experience?
    I realy enjoy reading your website you are down to earth with some great insights, I look forward to reading and hearing from you. Great work, thanks Gary

    1. Thank you for the wonderful complement and thank you for reading my blog. I am glad that you enjoy the website. As far as enlightenment goes I believe that you can experience enllightenment traveling on the path of Budhism or practicing Tao. This is one of the reasons I like to quote authors of different paths from time to time to show that truth is universal. Having said that I will also offer a few tips.

      It is great to read and have different sources to draw from but I am convicned that for best results at some point one should choose a path that one feels most attracted to. Even if you refer to others it’s good to keep one main path once you find it. Something else very important is to have a teacher. This should be someone you can ask questions from time to time and then put his or her answers to the test in your own life. Also for true enlightenment the path should also include a meditation process, one that helps you become centered and experience God or the universal lilght within.

      You asked when does the pain from meditating for long periods of time go away. My question would first be are you practicing the type of meditation that I teach? You can find the method on this website. Most often when people mention pain, they are not practicing “the highest form of meditation” the type I give on this website. When pain is involved there is usually something being added that is not part of the process or something is being modified like concentrating on a lower center. Next I will say that there is no need to meditate for long periods of time expecially early on. You can go a long way with just ten minutes a couple times a day combined with new ways of approaching the world. Only increase when it is enjoyable. I will suggest that you listen to my How To Meditate download in the Free Meditation Program and try meditating in that way. Then please let me know the results. Thanks again for reading and giving me the opportunity to help.



  2. Hi Craig,

    Love your reply about pain. I remember reading a long time ago not to meditate laying down or you will experience pain. Can’t remember what type of meditation it was but boy did I get pain, and found out the advice after. that meditation type was obviously not for me.

    When we meditate it should be a joyful experience, not because we have to. I love using your method as it always opens me up to amazing adventures and experiences in life. Like the wee laddie on the bus lol xx

    like your teacher said ‘it’s going to be easy’ xx

    I found it so surprising seeing this post today as only yesterday evening my daughter spotted a book among my vast library called ‘The Tao of Pooh and the Te of Piglet’. I’m sure you have come across this in your travels. Something as simple Winnie the Pooh has a message and teaching for us too.

    Of to play catch up on your blog.

    Love to you and angel blessings always,

    Debbie xxxx

  3. Hello Debbie

    I am glad to know that you have been using the meditation method and it works well for you. As you already know there no coincidences. The Tao on the blog at the same time as the book came up was the universe working in your favor. I happen to have the Tao of Pooh also in my collection.
    May God be with you and your family

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