Today’s Positive Thought ( Changing your life with dreams and karma)

Flower dream
Flower dream (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

If you want to know your karma, and see the law in action, watch your dreams at night. If we pay attention we will see that in our dream we have constructed a whole world in another place all based on how we feel and the way we currently approach the world in our waking life. We find ourselves living out another life that we have created in our dream, often still having the same feelings and the same types of circumstances that we have while awake.

What I find interesting is we could have created anything in the world, but instead, we created whatever we created in this dream world, based on how we feel and how we approach our waking world. As soon as we change our thoughts and what we tell ourselves, and our approach to the world, our dreams change. Landscapes and people change as if by magic. The really interesting thing is the same is true with our lives. Change what you tell yourself, and change how you approach the world and you will see your entire world and the people in it change as if by magic.

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