The Atmosphere

I heard Dick Gregory say that a child who grows up in a home with parents with college degrees have a 5000 word vocabulary and a child with parents without college have a 2500 word vocabulary on average. It reminded me of atmosphere and just how important it is. My youngest son follows all of us around and tries to do everything I do. Once again as I look at it I am reminded that where I place him is of the utmost importance. The same is true of us all on the meditative path. We have to be careful of the atmosphere we place ourselves in all day long. This not only goes for our body but even more so with our mind and our thoughts. Often I find myself telling people if we want good meditations in the lotus position, we have to have good thoughts throughout the day.

If we really want to progress spiritually we must place ourselves in the spiritual atmosphere as often as possible. The sansrkit word for this is satsang. This is the company of those who meditate and go within. This most importantly includes the company with the teacher because the teacher or Guru is the one who God has chosen to come to us through to guide us on our spiritual journey. The more we are in this company the more we grow unconsciously to our conciousness. I have had many students tell me how they were able to move into experiencing miracles on account of trying something I mentioned in a story. They never knew they could do such things until the time came to put what they have heard many times to the test. The more this blog evolves, the more I see it as another way of bringing satsang to the world or atleast to those who are interseted, no matter how close or how far. For this reason I am comminting to more posts more often, some will be written others audio whatever works to keep the atmosphere alive.

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