A Fleeting Thought

Yesterday I was riding on my way home and it started storming.  It was a powerful storm with high winds and heavy rain.  I thought about how my friend Billy told me that I timed the time for us to get off work perfectly.  We stopped work early, but in my mind it was primarily due to the heat and I needed to be home a little early this day.   I was thinking about how it stayed nice enough to work all the way until we stopped, and then this serious storm came.  It was in divine order.  While I was thinking about this and driving in the pouring rain I was comming to a red light.  A fleeting thought came to me to stop where I was just in case the big tree on the side of me blew down.  I thought how could that happen the winds are not that strong.  Then two seconds later that big tree blew down right in front of my truck and missed me because I stopped.  I drove right around the tree and continued heading home.  It was the strangest thing.  When the tree fell it was like it was a dream or not real, like I was wathing a movie or right in the middle of one.  All I could think about was how God is with me.  I felt untouchable.  I felt like God and the Universe is with me at all times leading me, telling me where to go and what to look out for.   The truth of the matter is this is how things really are when we pay attention to those quick fleeting thoughts that come before we have time to think, especialy if we have been taking time to meditate and stay connected.  These fleeting thoughts can be the thoughts from God.  So once again pay close attention.

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