In the Universe

I was watching Being Erica this week and to my surprise the message seemed to be sometimes the best thing to do is nothing. I had something big that I was trying to figure out the best way of accomplishing and for some reason the idea of doing nothing seemed to be the answer. It …

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Today’s Positive Thought ( Changing your life with dreams and karma)

If you want to know your karma, and see the law in action, watch your dreams at night. If we pay attention we will see that in our dream we have constructed a whole world in another place all based on how we feel and the way we currently approach the world in our waking …

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Carrying Water And Choppping Wood

One of my favorite saings by Lao Tsu is Carrying water and chopping wood before enlightenment. After Enlightenment, Carrying water and chopping wood. I was reminded of this saying after seeing the movie Up In The Air. It is sort of an uneventful movie in which George Cluney’s character flies around the world firing people …

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Play Thy Role Well

I saw an ad for General Hospital last night on Soap Net. I know, I know I said I was going to stop watching this show. Well the good thing is I have not been identifying with what happens to Sonny lately. Anyway back to the ad. It was showing Sonny Corinthos describing himself and …

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The Atmosphere

I heard Dick Gregory say that a child who grows up in a home with parents with college degrees have a 5000 word vocabulary and a child with parents without college have a 2500 word vocabulary on average. It reminded me of atmosphere and just how important it is. My youngest son follows all of …

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Serving Humanity With God As You – Short Version

A Fleeting Thought

Yesterday I was riding on my way home and it started storming.  It was a powerful storm with high winds and heavy rain.  I thought about how my friend Billy told me that I timed the time for us to get off work perfectly.  We stopped work early, but in my mind it was primarily …

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