Fulfilling the need

I got a message about filling the need some time ago and have been intending to write about it for some time.  I was actually having the same experience with my son that I am having with the blog.  I was with my son Cory and I thought about explaining more to him about being in business.  I have been talking to him alot lately and I decided maybe I would wait on this one.  My thought I wanted to share was that the key to being in business is finding out what people need and giving it.  If you can do this you will always be successful.   I had all sorts of examples in my head to give him but decided not to at the time.  I am not sure if it was that I felt like I had been telling him enough already or if  it was that I was unsure it was as great a lesson as I thought.

The next day I was on my home page on the internet and saw a story about the founder of facebook.com.  It said that he learned the key to success in business school.  He said to find a need and fill that need.  It was in divine order.  God and the Universe was telling me, “see you were right and obviously you needed to share this”.  In other words I felt this was no coincidence I was reading the same thing I was thinking about the day before.  So today I will finally share my message with Cory for later in life.  Hopefully he will think back on it from time to time.  I also share it with you.  It sounds simple but it is profound.  Find a need and fulfill that need.  It will bring success in both your business and personal life.  If things are not taking off the way you would like, needs are not being fulfilled.  This is simply the law of karma.  As you give you shall recieve.

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