Paying Attention, Notice The Patterns

I often talk about messages and opening my book Wise Words to get my message for the day.  A friend of mine often who does the same thing says that the book is broken.  He says this because he keeps opening to the same page to get the same message all the time.  I often have the same thing going on in my life.  I open up to the same pages all the time.  I like others have even noticed that there are pages that I seem to never open up to, but yet they are in the book also.  Today I randomly opened up to a page that I seem to always open up to.  I asked myself how does this keep happening.  I wondered if maybe I am missing something in my understanding of the passage and how it relates to my life.  So I opened up another spiritual book and decided that whatever page I opened to would be further explaning my lesson from the first.  I decided that even if it did not seem tobe related at first I would bridge the gap between metaphysical truths and look at how they relate.  When I did I was surprised.  I understood the first passage much deeper and saw ways in which I had not been applying  it in my life.  Now it made sense that I would keep why kept opening up to the same page.   It was time to get the lesson in a deeper way.

Isn’t it interesting how we keep getting the same messages and lessons all the time?  That’s if we are paying attention enough to see that.  My teacher used to talk about how God can come in many ways to get the point accross.  The problem is we often refuse to get the point so we keep getting the same lesson appearing in our life over and over in different ways through different people bringing the same old lesson.  If you have a problem in one area of your life more than likely it is not just showing up there, but secretely coming up in other areas disguised as something totally different.  The more we need to get the lesson the more it will show up in bigger and bigger ways.  So by all means we want to get the lesson.  In order to get the lesson we must decide that the world is not random and realize that everything is happening for us go get our lessons, what ever they may be.  When we get the lesson we will feel so good it will be unbelievable.  That only happens after we truly get the lesson deeply enough to see the magic in the Universe working in our world.

So what am I saying?  Be open and pay attention.  If you notice a pattern with messages and signs or you have things that are constantly being told to you, really pay attention and know there is a reason why it keeps coming up. By simply doing this you are bringing God and the magic of the Universe deeper into your world.

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