Getting To The Other Side (to a place of peace and adventure)

Yesterday someone asked about being overwhelmed, having so many things to do and feeling like the concerns in life are taking over.  Interestingly she already knew her answer.  She knew that she had to focus more on the spiritual in order to not be overwhelmed by the material.  This reminded me of a time when I was just about to move to the other side.   I was standing on the shore of being overwhelmed.  I had so many things going on that were taking my attention away from what really counts in life.  I knew what was going on.  I knew I was letting material concerns take over.  I also knew from past experience that the more I concentated on fixing material concerns or wondered will I have enough time, or how can I get things to work out, the more unhappy I would be.  I was right there.  I could see what was happening but I could not see how to get to the other side where I was at peace and not affected.  No better yet, I knew what to do but did not have the strength to do it.  I was thinking about all this while eating a veggie burger at a bar with a my friend Aaron.

The next morning after sitting at the bar seeing my situation but not feeling enough strength to move on it, I woke up with a feeling I have had before.  It rarely comes but when it does I know it. I felt un enthused about life.  I felt like just staying in bed.  I felt like I would rather go back to a dream, or even back to sleep with no dream than to get up and deal with all that was before me in my life.  I opened up Wise Words, my second book to a page that reminded me that I must meditate more often to be able to handle a more complicated life.  I also opened up my first book What If My Soul Is Eternal And Heaven Is Everywhere.  The page I opened to spoke on Plato’s alegory and reminded me that this world is dreamlike and illosory, a projection from a deeper world that I have contact with through meditation.  I meditated a little also and a thought came to me.  It was the answer to a question that I had the night before.  It was telling me the next step for me as far as how to share my meditation and spiritual teachings.  This was an answer that I did not expect to come so easily, but it did.  It seemed to come after really getting into my early morning reflection and meditation time.  At this point I was very enthused very alive and reminded that as the problems get bigger and life becomes more hectic I must meditate and reflect more on the spiritual.  When I do answers come, strenghth to act arrives and I am enthused to move into my adventure.

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