Work Scheduling

This year has been the most difficult year for me in quite some time when it comes to scheduling work for my gutter and window cleaning business.  Using just the right guys on just the right days according to their capabilities and their availabilities and mine has been quite difficult at times.  My life has had more time challenges than usual and so has the lives of my guys, most of whom I alternate part time.  Last night I had the same thing going on, time constraints.  This time the problem was obligations I had versus specific times customers needed my help personally.  I could not figure out how to satisfy it all smoothly.  Finally I went to sleep and let it go.  I woke up with bigger things on my mind.  One was a problem I had been trying to solve for years.  I opened up Wise Words, my second book, to a page that reminded me that my cross is my problems and my karma.  If I meditate and get into my mystical state I could rise above the situation and get the lesson.  I thought “maybe I can do this with my early morning concerns in my personal life.”  I meditated a couple times and got no answer to my new more concerning situation.  My mind went back to thoughts about my business and the schedule.  Then, a fleeting thought came as to how to rearrange things.  It was almost perfect.  Actually it was perfect time wise but it meant I would have to call customers and reaarrange days for work, something I never look forward to doing.  I kept thinking, “should I do this, it works better than I could have ever thought of last night, but I have to change things”.  Then I remembered that the idea came right after meditating and clearing mind.  It came from the mystical state.  Then I thought about my other concerns and how I got answers already for them previously that also came during mystical states of being, and yet have not moved on some of these answers.  I decided to act accordingly and let go of my old ways concerning both my larger situation and my business work schedule.

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