The Last Air bender

Am I the only one who love’s The Last Airbender Movie?  I have heard and read so many bad reviews.  In some of them it seems like M. Night is the director people love to hate.  My problem with their view point is all of the negative reviews I have read only scratch the surface.  Anyone who gets into M. Night movies knows it’s all about the messages.  Anyone who knows me also knows that that’s what I am all about messages and signs from the universe.  So with that being said let’s talk about the deeper meanings in the movie.

1.  Aang, the avatar, or the last air bender, upon realizing that he is to be the avatar runs away because he is told he will never have a normal life or the ideal life, with a wife and family if he assumes his position as the avatar.  Interestingly the story of Aang is the story of us because most of us spend our whole lives chasing what we believe to be the ideal life, whatever ideal means to us.  Even when we get it, it is not ideal or normal because the ideal life in our mind ususally does not include sickness ,unexpected  job loss, early death of love ones, marital problems etc.  We keep chasing normal, more money and all of our ducks lined up and in the process run away from our true calling and destiny.  Sometimes this is done knowingly sometimes quite unknowingly.  

2.  Aang learns to embrace who he is and his mission in life which is what we all must do.  And just like the mission came to him the same is true with us, the adventure is right here if we become open to it and embrace the challenges as they arrive in our lives.

3.  Over and over throughout the movie people kept talking about their destiny and why they were born in this world.  As usual M. Knight points out that we all have a reason we are here and a mission that we are meant to accomplish. Our job is to be open to it and face it when the time comes.

4.  The princess was afraid to move into her destiny but she did it all the same.  This is how we must be in life.  We must embrace it even if it is scary, which it often is.

5.  There was a great theme of responsibility throughout the movie.  The brother told his sister he would fight to protect her because she was his responsibility. She pointed out that Aang was sent to them and became their responsibility. After this he began to take on responsibility for Aang quite seriously.   In life were are often given people and situations we are responsible for and we must do whatever it takes to take care of our responsibilities.  Our responsibilities is part of our destiny.  Being true to our destiny makes us great.

6.  Time and time again the enemies would say there is no need in killing Aang for he would just be born again.  I love this reminder that we are souls beyond this one little life of 70n to 90 years.

7.   At the end there was a new foe and challenge on the horizon.  This is how it is in life, there is always a new test and adventure on the way.

8.  Of course, I could not forget to mention all of the meditation and visions in meditation that Aang was having.  He was shown meditating and having visions and getting information from within.  This is how us spiritual people must live our lives, meditating for sings and clarity while we move through our incredible adventure, our lives.

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