Getting To The Other Side (to a place of peace and adventure)

Yesterday someone asked about being overwhelmed, having so many things to do and feeling like the concerns in life are taking over.  Interestingly she already knew her answer.  She knew […]

Work Scheduling

This year has been the most difficult year for me in quite some time when it comes to scheduling work for my gutter and window cleaning business.  Using just the […]

Do what the guru says to do

No matter what the problem is I face in life.  No matter how difficult it seems to be.  It seems like my teacher Mr. Ambrister had already told me what […]

Leave the Rest

Today I find myself faced with challenges.  They all came at me quite early this morning through phone calls at 6 am this morning.  The concerns were just added on to […]

The Last Air bender

Am I the only one who love’s The Last Airbender Movie?  I have heard and read so many bad reviews.  In some of them it seems like M. Night is […]

Breathing Much Better

This is a true story.  I was having trouble breathing.  I don’t know why but I believe it had something to do with my allergies.  It was more than just […]

5 minute meditation

This morning I got up a little later than I wanted and had more to take care of before I started work than ususal.  Among other things I had to […]