Dream “Don’t Worry About Tomorrow”

I woke up from a dream this morning and could not remember the entire dream, not much at all.  This happens from time to time and the interesting thing is it always feels so important and mysteriously informative even if I can’t remember the entire dream.  Sometimes I feel like I am missing out on some deep Godly information if I can’t remember.  I often tell meditation students and people who I coach to still record or write down what ever you can remember, even if it is just how you feel.  This morning I knew how I felt.  I felt urgency, great urgency, even though it was from a small quick portion of a dream.  In the dream I saw my son Cory and I was concerned about something dealing with his future.  I am not even sure what the concern was.  I just remember hearing the words, “don’t worry about tommorow, just focus on today.  Focus on now.  When I woke up I thought about how this related to so many parts of my life. I thought about how I just did a class titled Make Haste While The Sun Is Still Shining. This class like my dream focused on realizing that now is the time, not tomorrow.   I found mysefl wondering if I should write about my dream on the blog or was this dream too short or incomplete.  I also wondered if should I save it for my dream book I’ve been working on for the past three years.  Then I decided to write, now even if I don’t publish it to the blog.  When I went to the blog and saw my last post, The Tomorrow Diet,  I read it and laughed because it was the same message. Focus on Today.

 Should I do this?  Should I do that?  How will they recieve what I do?  Will what I do work out?  Don’t worry about tomorrow. Take time to meditate and do.  Live this life now.   Isn’t this just another reminder on non attachment?  Focus on the moment and let the next moment take care of itself.  Be happy regardless of the outcome.  Maybe  it is, but for me  it always seems so much deeper when it comes from a dream, meditation, or message from the Universe.  Even if I have gotten it many times before.

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