The Tomorrow Diet

For the most part I am happy with my health and size, but recently I have developed a little gut that I would like to get rid of. People laugh at me and tell me it is small but it annoys me just the same.   My goal is to maybe lose  ten pounds if that, mainly just my stomach.   I have never had to lose weight in my life so losing even ten pounds is not easy.  The funny thing is I get a decent workout just with my gutter and window cleaning business when I go out with the crew. The new guys who work for me, even the younger new guys, are always sore the first week or so from all the exercise.   We are up and down ladders and walking on rooftops carrying ladders and hoses, etc.  On top of all that, I am a vegetarian.  My gut still will not leave, even in the busy season.  I know why, it’s my wonderful diet. The Tomorrow Diet.  Every day I stop at wonderful places to eat and treat myself, and tell myself I can eat all I want because my diet with smaller portions etc., starts tomorrow.  My rigorous workout burns just enough calories to keep me at my current size, as I eat anything I want daily:  plenty of cheese, ice cream, pancakes – you name it.  But today I have decided to change my diet to the one I knew would come one day. The Today Diet.  How many things do we all need to do today and everyday?  The change has to start now if we want to see results.  Not tomorrow, today.

Craig Kimbrough

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