The other side of the wake up call

Recently I had a wake up call that reminded me of several things that I really need to be taking care of in my life.  The wake up call I got was so  big that it made me look at taking a giant leap into becoming the potential person that I often wonder if I really have the motivation and strength to become.  The interesting thing is, as I looked around me I could see people everywhere going through the same thing.  Everyone who I ran into who was having such a wake up call was expressing sort of the same thing.  Just like me, they were realizing how good it is to be alive and how beautiful God’s universe is.  Many of us knew this already, but did not see it quite as clearly as during the time when the Universe has gotten our undivided attention.  They were also expressing how they were now staying focused on what is really important in life.  In Bret Michael’s case (the leader of the band Poison and reality show personality who recently had a brush with death) he said it was being the best dad he could be and rocking the world.  During the incredible life shattering challenges, if we are lucky, we begin to realize that we need to keep our focus on what we so much wanted to stay here on this earth for and take care of.  The question is, once God and the Universe has given us the second chance and given us the means to do what we are intended to do,will we do it?  In other words, What do you do on the other side of the wake up call?  Have you had one?  Have you ever had one?  If so, are you really living in light of it now?  Be honest, think back, and live that life.


Craig Kimbrough

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