One small miracle

I was at the bank standing in line and I was about to be helped by the teller who is not quite my favorite teller.  She is usually kind of cold and takes the rules to the hilt.  For example, if a check for my gutter company says Kimbrough Gutters she does not want to deposit it because me DBA papers say Kimbrough and Company.  Customers make out checks to Kimbrough Gutters, Kimbrough Gutters and Windows and a whole host of Kimbrough titles.  The other tellers at this and other branches take the checks no matter what the customer has put on there as long as it says Kimbrough on the check.  Anyway the guy in front of me is very friendly to her.  I say to myself “it would be nice if she and I could have a friendly experience rather than our usual cold meeting.”  She then gives the guy in front of me a hard time about certain rules.  I think “well, she has a point this time.”  Now my turn comes and she is unusually friendly and cracks jokes out of nowhere.  I do the same, and we have a good time laughing and talking.  She carries out my transaction and I leave still laughing and talking to her as I exit the place.  Then I remember that she did not even give me a hard time about my checks, some of which did not completely match the DBA papers on file.  I also remember saying something to the effect of “wouldn’t it be nice to have a pleasant exchange rather than the same old cold encounter.”  I remember telling myself if I keep my mind on God and the magic of the Universe, I would see miracles all day.  I then said Miracle number 1.

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