Getting The Train Back

Last night my youngest son, Jordan, was playing with his new James train from the Thomas The Train collection.  I fell asleep in the chair watching him.  I woke up a few minutes later to see a mountain of salt on the desk with him pushing James through it.  I got up and shouted, “No!”  rather loudly.  In my mind I could not believe it.  Here we go again.  He has used a whole bag of flour or sugar in the past, now salt, which is all over the desk, the chair and the carpet.  He has gotten in trouble in the past for this but it only lasted for a few minutes.  I must admit the first couple times I thought it was creative, he making his own snow and mountains, but it gets old after a while.  I took his new big James, as he calls it, away and put it on top of the refrigerator.  He has countless other trains from the collection including the smaller James, but this did not matter.  It broke his heart that he could not play with the one I took.  He cried and cried and cried and cried.  I wanted to give it back so badly, but knew I could not give it back until the next morning this time, otherwise he would not get the lesson.  Eventually he was O.K. and I took him to bed.  He even became his normal cheerful self.

This morning I woke up from a dream that showed me a couple of oncoming punishments of my own.  I realized in some areas I was being just as stubborn as my son, doing things that I know better than to do, and not doing some things that God and the Universe have told me I need to do.  I will say in my defense that all of these things challenge who I am and my normal way of handling  life, but still the same the bottom line is I seem to refuse to get the lesson in these areas.  As I thought about this, I also found myself thinking about my son Jordan and how I had to take away the train for a whole evening, but of course he gets it back today.  I also thought about my own life and how God gets my attention for a moment and it hurts, and could not help but think it’s time to get busy and do what I need to do before the time comes in which I may not get my train back at all.

In a nutshell, there are some things God wants me to do and has told me to do.  Some I have done.  Some I have put off.  Now is the time to do what I need to do in all areas. I may need to meditate more just to have the strength to do so.   But this blog is just not about me.  The question is what is your lesson what do you need to do in life?  Wake up and get busy.


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  1. LOL xx thankfully in this house it’s nuts the kids have learnt to play with in their diggers and trains. So much easier to pick up.

    Whilst reading this I thought ‘don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today’. So far I’ve filled in my son’s application for Legal Aid (he’s trying to sort out access to his son), hubby’s car insurance and my tax credit’s. not bad for me.

    God often gives us little nudges and says ‘stop procrastinating, do it now’. It’s so easy to shut of from the lessons of life and go our own way but eventually we are brought back to the beginning again.

    I’m trying to stand up for myself and not just take the verbal abuse and disappear into another room and let things simmer until forgotten. My nudges are that I keep getting sore throats. Use your voice girl ! You can be firm without loosing yourself in an argument. Always use your position of love. You’ll feel so much better for it afterwards. No more hurt and pain in that x

    Keep smiling Craig at least it wasn’t something you couldn’t clean up and made a nasty stain. Like my Vicki when she was wee. Her and her pal locked themselves in the bathroom and covered the wall sin Pretty Peach blusher from Avon. This was specifically for wee lasses. Oh yeah (rolling my eyes) I had to totally re-paint the bathroom. Wouldn’t come off no matter what.

    love to you and angel blessings xxx

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