Whatever Happens

Craig tells a short life coaching story.  To listen click here.

Question For Craig: Is it ok to chant Om instead of Aum? What is the difference?

Answer   The idea is to attune your mind and inner ear to the vibration of the universe.  Both are symbolic of it and remind us of that humming sound that […]

The other side of the wake up call

Recently I had a wake up call that reminded me of several things that I really need to be taking care of in my life.  The wake up call I […]

One small miracle

I was at the bank standing in line and I was about to be helped by the teller who is not quite my favorite teller.  She is usually kind of […]

Getting The Train Back

Last night my youngest son, Jordan, was playing with his new James train from the Thomas The Train collection.  I fell asleep in the chair watching him.  I woke up […]