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Craig tells a short life coaching story.  To listen click here.

Question For Craig: Is it ok to chant Om instead of Aum? What is the difference?


 The idea is to attune your mind and inner ear to the vibration of the universe.  Both are symbolic of it and remind us of that humming sound that is within and all around us.  Both help us to become more in touch with the inner sound and light of God.  My suggestion is to only use the A U M as practiced on the download for now.  In most cases it will take you in deeper than chanting OM but not too deep unless you are ready.  In the beginning on the highest form of meditation I prefer the three syllable way of chanting in your mind better than the one syllable you describe.  Also because I have taught so many in this method if you have any questions it is much easier to answer and help you if you are practicing in the way that I have taught, rather than try to explain or correct something that comes up with another teaching.  Usually it is best to only use one way at a time.  This also helps with you tracking your progress.  If you are trying several or mixing several ways, when you have results you may not know which way achieved which results.  Your results and miracles may not always come right when you are meditating, but come on account of the meditation you have been doing.  If you have been practicing a different way, and do not want to stop for a while, I suggest that you wait to practice this type until you can at least try it by itself for a while.   When you do, see which one works best for you.  

When we are choosing methods and a path, too many choices can be a stumbling block.  I have seen many become very confused trying to do more than one at a time.  Even if both paths say the same thing in different ways it can be quite confusing.  I say find the one that seems to agree with you most, and use it alone.  When you have gone as far as you can with it investigate others, building on what you have learned.  When you find the one that agrees with you most, where you are at this point, put all you have into this way.  Most important give it a little time and see how it works for you.  Eventually you will find the way that is for you completely and high enough to take you all the way.


Craig Kimbrough

The other side of the wake up call

Recently I had a wake up call that reminded me of several things that I really need to be taking care of in my life.  The wake up call I got was so  big that it made me look at taking a giant leap into becoming the potential person that I often wonder if I really have the motivation and strength to become.  The interesting thing is, as I looked around me I could see people everywhere going through the same thing.  Everyone who I ran into who was having such a wake up call was expressing sort of the same thing.  Just like me, they were realizing how good it is to be alive and how beautiful God’s universe is.  Many of us knew this already, but did not see it quite as clearly as during the time when the Universe has gotten our undivided attention.  They were also expressing how they were now staying focused on what is really important in life.  In Bret Michael’s case (the leader of the band Poison and reality show personality who recently had a brush with death) he said it was being the best dad he could be and rocking the world.  During the incredible life shattering challenges, if we are lucky, we begin to realize that we need to keep our focus on what we so much wanted to stay here on this earth for and take care of.  The question is, once God and the Universe has given us the second chance and given us the means to do what we are intended to do,will we do it?  In other words, What do you do on the other side of the wake up call?  Have you had one?  Have you ever had one?  If so, are you really living in light of it now?  Be honest, think back, and live that life.


Craig Kimbrough

One small miracle

I was at the bank standing in line and I was about to be helped by the teller who is not quite my favorite teller.  She is usually kind of cold and takes the rules to the hilt.  For example, if a check for my gutter company says Kimbrough Gutters she does not want to deposit it because me DBA papers say Kimbrough and Company.  Customers make out checks to Kimbrough Gutters, Kimbrough Gutters and Windows and a whole host of Kimbrough titles.  The other tellers at this and other branches take the checks no matter what the customer has put on there as long as it says Kimbrough on the check.  Anyway the guy in front of me is very friendly to her.  I say to myself “it would be nice if she and I could have a friendly experience rather than our usual cold meeting.”  She then gives the guy in front of me a hard time about certain rules.  I think “well, she has a point this time.”  Now my turn comes and she is unusually friendly and cracks jokes out of nowhere.  I do the same, and we have a good time laughing and talking.  She carries out my transaction and I leave still laughing and talking to her as I exit the place.  Then I remember that she did not even give me a hard time about my checks, some of which did not completely match the DBA papers on file.  I also remember saying something to the effect of “wouldn’t it be nice to have a pleasant exchange rather than the same old cold encounter.”  I remember telling myself if I keep my mind on God and the magic of the Universe, I would see miracles all day.  I then said Miracle number 1.

Getting The Train Back

Last night my youngest son, Jordan, was playing with his new James train from the Thomas The Train collection.  I fell asleep in the chair watching him.  I woke up a few minutes later to see a mountain of salt on the desk with him pushing James through it.  I got up and shouted, “No!”  rather loudly.  In my mind I could not believe it.  Here we go again.  He has used a whole bag of flour or sugar in the past, now salt, which is all over the desk, the chair and the carpet.  He has gotten in trouble in the past for this but it only lasted for a few minutes.  I must admit the first couple times I thought it was creative, he making his own snow and mountains, but it gets old after a while.  I took his new big James, as he calls it, away and put it on top of the refrigerator.  He has countless other trains from the collection including the smaller James, but this did not matter.  It broke his heart that he could not play with the one I took.  He cried and cried and cried and cried.  I wanted to give it back so badly, but knew I could not give it back until the next morning this time, otherwise he would not get the lesson.  Eventually he was O.K. and I took him to bed.  He even became his normal cheerful self.

This morning I woke up from a dream that showed me a couple of oncoming punishments of my own.  I realized in some areas I was being just as stubborn as my son, doing things that I know better than to do, and not doing some things that God and the Universe have told me I need to do.  I will say in my defense that all of these things challenge who I am and my normal way of handling  life, but still the same the bottom line is I seem to refuse to get the lesson in these areas.  As I thought about this, I also found myself thinking about my son Jordan and how I had to take away the train for a whole evening, but of course he gets it back today.  I also thought about my own life and how God gets my attention for a moment and it hurts, and could not help but think it’s time to get busy and do what I need to do before the time comes in which I may not get my train back at all.

In a nutshell, there are some things God wants me to do and has told me to do.  Some I have done.  Some I have put off.  Now is the time to do what I need to do in all areas. I may need to meditate more just to have the strength to do so.   But this blog is just not about me.  The question is what is your lesson what do you need to do in life?  Wake up and get busy.


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