Micracles Defined by Craig Kimbrough

What is a miracle? Some would say walking on water, making it rain, unexplained healings that defy normal human logic, or someone being saved out of the blue when it was evident that they were just about to perish.  I would be inclined to agree that all these things can be miracles, but what really makes any one of these things a miracle is not only the defying of the odds, also the realization that it was the magic of God and the Universe stepping in.

Example: Seeing it change from sun to rain instantly may not be a miracle, but needing it to rain in that moment and saying it would really help if it rained right now, and then seeing it changing from sun to rain instantly – that would be a miracle. Even if the event can be scientifically explained, once things line up in your mind to where you are convinced that the Universe magically handled the details to defy great odds, you know you have witnessed a miracle.  Here is a secret.  The more you notice God in your world, the more you see miracles occur, and the more you are in touch with the vibration within, and the more you notice God in your world.

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