A Conversation Or Signs For More Posts Ahead

The other day I was talking to my friend Charles who writes as a jazz critic for the Metro Times and has a wonderful jazz blog on Blogger.   As we were talking about our blogs and he began to give me his opinion about my blog which I could tell he had been reading and knew very well.  He said that he really liked the post  A Secret To Peace Of Mind.  Charles also told me that I had the kind of blog that leaves you wanting more and makes you want to come back every couple days to see what else I have written.   He said that my posts were not too long,  just long enough, and were like life coaching sessions.  He said “the only thing I would change is you need to post more often.”  Charles pointed out  “I can get away with posting once or twice a week.  Mine is just about music, but your content is used to help people’s lives.  People need to know they can come back in a day or two and see something new.”  I often wondered if I needed to post more often and wondered if this was my answer.  I had been reluctant in the past because I didn’t want to put so much out there that when I write new books people would feel like I heard all he has to say in his blog.  So I had been debating.

Later that evening, I could not get the conversation out of my head.  I turned on the radio and said “maybe I will get my answer as to whether the conversation was a sign on the radio.”  I turned on Rosie O’donell’s show and guess what the subject was?  They devoted the show to getting listener feedback, and spoke about how they needed it to make the show be all that it can be.  I wondered “is this a coincidence or a sign?”  The next morning I was still looking for or rather being open to signs when Charles called me.  We rarely talk on the phone  so I said “this must be more information from the Universe coming through Charles.”  I answered and there was only jazz playing in the background.  I called him back but got no answer.  Then an hour later he called me again.  I said “OK now here comes more feedback from Charles or maybe more signs.”  Once again jazz playing in the background.  I said to myself  “I am sure he must be hitting the talk button over and over by mistake.”  But I also thought that “this is God reminding me about the conversation and also telling me that the Universe has said all it has to say through Charles already”.   Over the next couple days I continued to get more and more signs telling me more posts more often.

My question to you is; What is the Universe trying to tell you?  Be open, and as always pay attention to the signs, they are all around you, and will lead you where you need to go.

By the way, if you like jazz, Charles’ blog is http://Idigjazz.blogspot.com



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  1. Go Charles.

    I’ve been suffering on and off with a chest infection. Went to the doctors for something completely different and he says “you’ve come about that” – my chest. Well I’ve succumbed and gone on antibiotics. Sometimes we need a nudge from someone outside the situation to make us sit up and listen.

    I love the weekly talks from Craig and listen to them at leat twice so that I can get the true meaning. with a houseful you often get interrupted and “Mum” needs to respond. Whenever I see a post on the blog I think Craig is well and coping with life. He’s managed to find the time in his world to coach us along this path of higher meditation. Not easy running his own buisness and family and teaching at college (we hear you Craig LOL xx), but he still find this time for us. It is so appreciated.

    I know many lasses in blog land that do scrapbooking and they try and update a couple of times a week. It keeps the interest going and people are more likely to go to store and purchase additional items if they are getting regular freebies.

    I feel the more in contact with bloggers you are the more will come into your wonderful family Craig and stay.

    I love every reminder and talk I get. Health wise and family wise I can’t always respond but you are always there in my heart leading the way. A true Guru x

    Love to you all and angel blessings

    Debbie xxxx

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