This Life Is Easy

This life is easy.  This is what I have been saying to myself all week as I watch incredible things get magically taken care of.  I wrote about this in my book Wise Words years ago.  I explained how my teacher Mr. Ambrister and I had a running joke.  When ever I was struggling and things looked impossible, he would tell me about the path and how I needed to meditate all the time.  “He said “ Sonny, when you have the kind of problems that you have, you have to meditate all the time.”  I knew he meant to keep my mind on God, the lesson, and the higher things all day in addition to my meditation in the lotus position.  Then he would always conclude saying “and Craig, it’s gonna be easy!”  We would then both crack up laughing, because at the moment the situation would look practically impossible.  On some occasions I would be laughing and crying at the same time.

I also explain in Wise Words that we must get our personal self out of the way before things get easy.  Lately I have thinking a lot about this, getting my personal self out of the way.  I talk about this more in my first book What If My Soul Is Eternal and Heaven Is Everywhere.  It’s like in the movie Bagger Vance (one of the greatest movies of all time).  They ask Bagger How is he going to help poor Junna with his game.  Now Junna is only playing the two greatest golfers ever and struggling for dear life as he represents the town where the tournament is being held.  Bagger, Junna’s caddie and mystical teacher says “Oh you want to know my strategy.  You see right now my player has a problem, he still thinks he’s Rannolf Junnah.”  “A man says he is Rannolf Junna you twit.”  Bagger says “he is and he aint.”  He meant that Junna had access to a deeper self that is one with the Universe and this is what he needed to get in touch with.  But first he had to get his mind  off all his ego based concerns, like, will this work, how will they look at me?  What if I let the town down? And all that came along with being Junna.  He had to focus only on the game and the moment.  The same is true with us.  We must all enter the field, the zone, by any means possible.  We have to meditate repeat our mantra, look for the lesson in the midst of what’s going on, how we need to grow and change, in the situation rather than for a good outcome or solution to our problems.  And let the Universe magically handle things.  When we do, we find ourselves practically floating with things magically coming together, and we suddenly realize that life has become quite easy.

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