Dream and Vision Clarification

This morning I had a dream that reminded me of the way a certain person in my world used to behave years ago.  It was not pretty, and I must say I would not appreciate it in my life at all.  I had not seen any evidence of a problem, but after having the dream I wondered if it was a sign not to be ignored.  In my dream I was being told to remember how this person used to behave.   And I did.  I remembered how much it shocked me at the time and how much it concerned me.  I also became very concerned as to whether this was going to be a problem now.  I so wanted to believe in this person but was not sure if I could.  I decided to meditate and be open to an answer as to whether to be on the lookout for this behavior and act accordingly, or not.

I meditated rather deep and still had no answer.  I decided I would go downstairs and read a page from Jesus The Christ In The Light Of Spiritual Science written by Dr. Thind.  Dr. Thind was my teacher Mr. Ambrister’s teacher and this book was one of many that I had at home to choose from. My plan was to expect to see more clarification to my dilemma on whatever page I randomly opened up to.  The page I opened up to basically said that the interpretations of other days are not to be regarded as fixed truth, but rather as time vestures of truth.   It went on to  say that it may have been true for that time but may be subject to change with time.  Imagine my surprise.  The book I randomly picked was talking directly to my concern.  I had been wondering in my head if the person could have changed and if I should give the benefit of the doubt and if my dream as more rooted in concern than in premonition of things to come.   After mysteriously opening to this page I decided I would not be concerned and know the Universe is looking out for me.

It turns out that my dream, rather than being a sign not to ignore, was actually a reminder that if you get a sign that seems concerning and leaves doubts in your mind do not be afraid to ask for more signs and clarification from God and The Universe.  Then meditate raise your vibration and be open to more signs.

Until next time Peace and Blessings


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